Meet Margaret, Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant

Successfully marketing a book can be a lot of work. A Personal Marketing Assistant (PMA) is ideal for authors who want marketing assistance that is personal and specific.

Some things your PMA can assist you with include:

  • Soliciting book reviews
  • Contacting local bookstores
  • Completing the verbiage on an author’s webpage
  • Improving your Amazon tactics
  • Scheduling/coordinating book signings
  • And much more!
These services are available to both Outskirts Press published authors and authors that have published their books elsewhere.

Meet one of the Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistants:

MargaretFMargaret has been providing Personal Marketing Assistant services for Outskirts Press since December 2010. She has 12 years of marketing and communications experience with diverse organizations and individuals. She consults with several businesses on marketing, operations, and research.

Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, she earned a BA from the University of Virginia, a Masters in Mass Communications from the University of South Carolina, and a Masters in Business Administration from Vanderbilt University.

Margaret currently lives in Denver, Colorado and enjoys hiking and camping on the weekends, exploring new restaurants, and traveling to unexpected places.


Testimonial from Eden Sterlington, author of SatisFillment:

“Margaret Foster is a professional, thorough, and knowledgeable Personal Marketing Assistant. The marketing plan she put together for me yielded immediate and measurable results. I will definitely be buying more time with her. She’s the real deal.”







The Personal Marketing Assistant is available as an a-la-carte option or as part of the Book Blast package where authors can save 25% on 5 powerful marketing services to blast their book into the stratosphere! Outskirts Press authors can easily and conveniently add the Personal Marketing Assistant option or the Book Blast package at any time from the Marketing Options screen of the Publishing Center.

Outskirts Press has a team of Personal Marketing Assistants ready to help you in your book promotion efforts today!

Ready to get published and start receiving
marketing support and services like this?

5 thoughts on “Meet Margaret, Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant

  1. Honestly I agree that it can be a good idea to have you personal marketer for your book – but who is in the position to pay for it until he or she is a well known author.
    I guess the first step is to have your book published – and for the first steps in the arena of becoming an author it is a go idea to look for a publisher that offers all that for free. I found it with a German publisher, called GRIN. They are located in Munich and helped to realize my writing project. Especially when looking for an academic platform this is the one I’d recommend: – see for yourself. In addition to the ebook a got a real book with ISBN, so I can spread it in libraries, too. Did I mention, that it is free – I couldn’t believe at first, but it really is true.

    1. Hi, Marvin:

      You’re right. Marketing expenses can catch up with an author. Also, it looks like GRIN is a good resource for publishing academic papers – not necessarily books.

  2. Hiring a professional marketing consultant is a viable option an author can consider to promote his/her publication as marketing professionals surely know the ins and outs of the market.

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