Memorial Day is May 30, 2011 and Flag Day is June 14, 2011. Were you planning to send out a Memorial Day or Flag Day mailing to promote your book? Have you considered a greeting card?Greeting cards are 4.25”x 6” on Premium 14 pt. gloss cover stock. These cards are full color, front and back, and scored for easy folding. The front of the card recognizes the occasion. The inside-left of the card highlights your single book, along with the title, the author name, the cover image, and the webpage address. The inside-right of the card is blank so that you can personalize each card with a handwritten message before folding and mailing them in the included white envelopes.

Greeting cards come in quantities of 250. Outskirts Press authors can also order Custom US First Class Postal Stamps to send out these promotional mailings. Both of these optional marketing products can easily and conveniently be added from the Marketing Options screen of their author’s center.

*Production, printing and shipping can take up to 3-4 weeks. Order now to allow plenty of time to receive your cards for a timely holiday promotional mailing.

** The interior image in the example features “Sell Your Book on Amazon.” Details and cover image will be replaced by the details and cover image for your book.

It’s time to get published and experience book marketing support like this.

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2 thoughts on “Now is the Time to Order Your Memorial/Flag Day Greeting Cards

  1. How much are these cards? If they are priced like most everything in outskirts,I will never be able to buy them. Although it would be nice to find some way to get my book noticed and not have it cost a fortune.We don’t have any money and now my husband is fighting bone cancer,so we have to pay back the loan he took out to get my book published and pay our bills on social security and short term disability.Not possible.

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