Self-published authors don’t necessarily have the budget or time to travel around the world to attend various book fairs. Then there are the costs of the exhibit itself, like the exhibition fees, the exhibition stand, and the “giveaways” (often called “freebies” or “schwag”). Typically, self-publishing authors would miss out on the chance to “be discovered”. However, with recent advances in technology, this is a worry of the past.

Outskirts Press offers authors an opportunity to have their book featured during various book fairs worldwide. One that’s rather popular with self-publishing authors of children’s books is the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is the world’s leading book fair that only features children’s books. The primary focus of this event is to investigate the possibility of the sale of rights and international co-productions.  Historically, full-color books with illustrations are usually the most successful. Because of this, we only allow our Pearl Full Color books to participate.

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair occurs in March in Italy and hosts over 1400 international exhibitors. If you’ve ever entertained the thought of forging industry connections or negotiating agreements or licenses for your work, this is an ideal opportunity for you.

Outskirts Press self-publishing children’s authors can register for this event conveniently from their Publishing Center. During the fair, your book will receive valuable, face-out exposure on an exclusive shelf with 4 other Outskirts Press titles and a representative will be on-hand to personally answer questions about your book. Outskirts Press will provide the necessary copies of the book and all the necessary contact information for both the author and publisher, so interested parties can make further contact, during or after the fair. All leads we receives for your book will be forwarded directly to you for personal follow-up.

Space is limited and filled on a first-come, first served basis. Due to the requirements of Bologna, this event is not a part of our Global Book Tour package and must be registered for separately if you are interested.

Don’t you deserve support like this when self-publishing your children’s book?

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