As a self-published author, it is reasonable for you to continuously look for ways to boost your sales. After all, you didn’t write your book so that no one would read it – right?

So, to kick off the new year, we’ve prepared a list of things that will be helpful in getting your book marketing on the right track in 2011.

  1. Create a marketing calendar that will allow you to keep track of when you should be doing certain promotional activities. Outskirts Press published authors can get our custom-created marketing calendar for FREE if they use promotion code Free2011 before January 15, 2011.
  2. Sell your book on consignment. This doesn’t make you any money upfront, but it increases your exposure and can boost your sales as a book that someone can touch and flip through has a greater likelihood of selling than an “online only” copy.
  3. Get involved in Social Networking sites. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. will not only allow you to interact with others who may be interested in purchasing your book but also learn from other writers/publishers.
  4. Make sure your book is available in various electronic formats. E-Readers are becoming increasingly popular and if your book isn’t available (especially on Amazon Kindle), you are missing the boat.
  5. Create a book trailer for your book and distribute it via YouTube and other video sharing sites.
  6. Hire a marketing coach if you don’t have time for and/or don’t have any marketing experience (or willingness to learn).
  7. Take your book on tour. This can be a rather costly option, unless you take a virtual book tour at various websites/blogs.
  8. Get your book reviewed. This will help not only build exposure for your book but also help when potential buyers are researching your book to see what others think before they buy.

The biggest piece of advice to take away from this is to make a plan. Have a list of items to conquer in the New Year to make your book a success! Whatever you do, please don’t be like this guy:

Is your New Year’s resolution to self-publish a successful new book?

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2 thoughts on “Top 8 Ways to Boost the Sales of Your Self-Published Book In the New Year

  1. Elise, The importance of a marketing plan cannot be overstated. Since 95% of the success of the book is based on promotion, an author must be committed to spending time on promotion, just as s/he did in the actual writing of the book. Since marketing can seem daunting, I work with my clients on the tools and techniques for efficiently promoting their books.

    1. I recently published my book “Girl you are worth a million dollars” and I want to do a book tour or book signing but I dont know where to start. Do you think the 5 hours with a marketing representative is enough time to help guide me through everything i need to know to effectively market and promote my book?

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