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1. Add a Kindle edition of your book to Amazon’s Kindle Store.

In order to demonstrate the benefits of the Amazon Kindle Submission service, you must first know what the Amazon Kindle is.

The Amazon Kindle is a revolutionary wireless reading device that allows its owner to instantly download books and newspapers. Only books that have been submitted to the Amazon Kindle via the required process and in the required format are available for Kindle readers to purchase and enjoy. Kindle editions of books appear on Amazon and in Amazon search listings just like any other format (such as a hardback edition).

There are several benefits to having your book available on Amazon Kindle.

1. The Amazon Kindle edition will appear in the search results, along with any other formats of your book (such as your paperback and/or hardback editions). This results in an increase of exposure for your book’s cover, which increases the chances of browsers clicking on your cover image, and coming that much closer to becoming a buyer.

2. Sales through the Amazon Kindle are not split with Outskirts Press. Just like with our hardcopy paperback and hardback books, we pay 100% author profits, and sales through the Kindle are ALL profit.

Of course, Amazon will still take their share, as they always do, but your profit will be directly deposited into your checking account by Amazon, without any involvement by (or portion for) Outskirts Press. In other words, your Kindle sales are YOUR Kindle sales.

3. Amazon customers and readers are growing every day. While the Kindle is a unique and revolutionary device designed to make reading more convenient, the majority of Amazon customers love actual BOOKS. A Kindle sale is an inexpensive way to offer your book to a potential reader; if they like it, they are more likely to purchase the paperback or hardback edition, too.

4. While all books are ideal for the Kindle, Kindle readers LOVE fiction.  If you are a fiction author looking for a way to “level the marketing playing field” with non-fiction, the Kindle is the answer!  There have been weeks and months in a row when the bestselling Outskirts Press books on Amazon have been Kindle editions of fiction books!

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Order the Amazon Kindle edition now by adding it to your shopping cart.  This can be purchased a-la-carte or with the Amazon Extreme package.
  2. Our Marketing Department will contact you via email and send you the necessary submission form.  Since your Kindle sales are directly deposited to your bank by Amazon, providing Amazon with the means to make that deposit is a requirement of submission.
  3. Once you have completed that form, send it back to us.
  4. That’s it! We’ll take care of the rest. Typically within 4 weeks, your Kindle edition will be online through Amazon.

How does pricing and commission work?

Option 1: Amazon pays 35% and the Kindle price can be whatever you want

Option 2: Amazon pays 70% but the Kindle price must be set between $2.99 and $9.99; and you must live in the United States


2. Add your book to Amazon Search Inside the Book

Do you feel that your book (which is available either exclusively or primarily online) isn’t reaching your target audience? Have you ever heard anyone say that it’s hard to make the decision to buy a book without taking a sneak peek and thumbing through the pages? Do you wonder why some books sell very well online while yours doesn’t? Well, Outskirts Press has the perfect solution!

Our Amazon Search Inside the Book marketing option (available to order a-la-carte or with the Amazon Extreme package) will allow you to take advantage of Amazon’s online equivalent to browsing a bookstore. Books that participate in this program feature a “Look Inside” icon over their Amazon cover image, which invites potential customers to electronically “flip” through a small section of the book. This increases the level of confidence a customer has in your book – most likely leading up to a higher volume of book sales. According to Amazon, books participating in this program enjoy significant sales improvement, on average, over books that do not.

When you participate in the Amazon Search Inside the Book program, Amazon digitally catalogs the text of your book – which may result in more accurate and targeted search results and recommendations. Ultimately, the more buyers who are exposed to your book, the greater the likelihood that you will sell more copies. Can you imagine the success you’ll have?


3. Add tags and your top 10 keywords to Amazon’s search engine

The optional Amazon Keyword Search Submission service can help your book appear higher in the Amazon search rankings for applicable keywords.

Customers who browse for new books on Amazon typically do not search by title or author. They search by keywords or phrases: subject-specific words that describe their interest. One goal in book marketing is to do whatever is possible to improve a book’s search results ranking for applicable keywords so that your book appears higher in the search results on Amazon.

The Amazon Keyword Submission option can help. Participating books are “tagged” with applicable terms and keywords. This encourages other visitors to your page to “tag” your book with the same keywords and phrases, which can give more “weight” to those terms in Amazon’s search results.

This option is available to order a-la-carte or with the Amazon Extreme package.



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Among the tactics and steps suggested in the book are: participating in the Search Inside Program and adding keyword search submissions. You will notice that both of these steps are already included with this purchase of the Amazon Extreme Marketing package.

But there is so much more, like Listmania, Amazon Guides, Amapedia, Amazon Blogs, AmazonConnect, and much more. If you are not already proficient in Amazon listing enhancement, this book is a must-buy. And it’s free with the Amazon Extreme package.


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