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The Self Publishing Book Cover Contest Top 5 Headlines
Outskirts Press is asking voters to literally judge a book by its cover.
Participants can vote through the month of October on their favorite of six featured book covers. The author of the book that wins will be awarded a free Book Teaser, compliments of Outskirts Press.

This self-publishing Book Cover Contest is hosted by Outskirts
, America’s fastest-growing full-service self-publishing and book marketing company. The six selected nominees for this month’s contest were published last month with either the Pearl or Diamond

View all of the covers in alphabetical order below and vote for your favorite book cover. Voting begins now! Votes will be tracked through the end of the month and the winner will be announced in the first week of November.


The winner’s prize, an Outskirts Press Book Teaser video, has been a popular option for authors because it is such a cost effective way to kick start the video promotion of one’s book. Outskirts Press Book Teasers are professionally produced, thirty second videos that feature the book’s title, the author’s byline and photo (if provided), the cover and a specific snippet of licensed music.

These teasers are fast, flashy, high quality videos that authors can
place on today’s most popular video sharing sites – YouTube,
MetaCafe, mySpace, Viddler, etc. – in order to launch their viral
marketing campaigns and increase the sales of their books.

The Book Cover contest punctuates the fact that, per industry statistics, a book has only eight seconds to attract a viewer. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well crafted book cover is worth ten thousand. The six Outskirts Press books that voters will choose from illustrate the importance of high quality designs that immediately prompt viewers to investigate what is inside the book itself.

Voting takes only seconds and is completely free. To vote, visit

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Publishing Promotion
Start your video promotion with a book teaser Top 5 Amazon Bestsellers
Book TeaserThe popular Book Teasers are now available for all authors, regardless of where you have published your book.

Of course, Outskirts Press published authors, still receive a 10% discount on the Book Teaser option when ordering from within their Publishing Center.

Fast and flashy, the Book Teaser is a cost-effective way to kick-start
your viral video promotional efforts. A Book Teaser is different from
the more common, and longer, Book Videos you may have started to see popping up all over the Internet. Outskirts Press offers both Book Teasers and Book Video Trailers as options for authors, regardless of where your book was published.

Book Teasers are approximately 30-seconds long–fast and flashy–featuring the book cover, the author photo (if supplied), and availability.

Click here for more details or to order.

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