Have you been told you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover?  You can here!  This Book Cover Contest is hosted by Outskirts Press, America’s fastest-growing full-service self-publishing and book marketing company.

The following six select books were published last month with the Pearl or Diamond package.  View all of the covers in alphabetical order below and vote for your favorite book cover.  The author of the winning book cover will win a free Book Teaser, courtesy of Outskirts Press.

Voting begins now!  Votes will be tracked through the end of the month and the winner will be announced in the first week of November.




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16 thoughts on “VOTE NOW: Self Publishing Book Cover Contest – October 2010

  1. When the cover expresses the title, a glance becomes meaningful. Although the tirle is a complex idea, it can be made simple quickly with the right picture.
    I am always short of time therefore I value simplicity and direct communication.
    As an artist I adore any kind of art but as a writer I feel same as ‘Common choices for uncommon people”.

  2. I like “The Shortest Distance” best because it has the most appeal from an aesthetics viewpoint, but also because it looks like it was from a photograph of a real thing. Most of the others are grphics for children’s books so if I were looking for a children’s book I would pick “Let’s Go Fishing” or for a teen “Popularity….” so it all depends on what the buyer is looking for or ….just looking. How does Outskirts limit votes? Can they track
    computers? If not… there is no fairness in the contest because some people will just vote and vote and vote to win. I’d like to know if they have overcome that problem?

  3. The purpose of a striking book-cover is to have a customer pick out the book from many in a bookstore and to look inside. I took the position of that customer when judging the covers. On that basis, the only book I would pick up is Shortest Distance.

  4. I first scrolled through the book covers. The one I liked best was Apples. Simple, aestetically pleasing, a common fruit in a fruit basket, preferred even by uncommon people. Works well with the title. Bravo.

  5. I voted for The Shortest Distance. It is a beautiful cover and intrigued me because it might be having to go around a long way sometimes. The shortest distance is often longer than the real distance.

  6. Some are cute and some are of a more serious nature. So, who designed these particular covers? The publisher? I am sure they have an opinion but that is not the issue. Looking at all of them I would judge that the one that best depicts the author’s desire to communicate what is in the book would be the best. So, in that sense, all are good. Maybe we just don’t get the idea they want us to have. We are not all the same. I dare to be different. So, since I would dare to be diferent I probably would choose that title as one of interest in my reading.

  7. It’s not that this book was first, but that it was the only one that seemed to convey the pictoral message of the title. The second place one was the arch, which is not a straight line, yet the title is something about being the shortest distance – which that obviously is not. The red apple however IS a different choice than the others and that is why it is in first place. IT makes sense.

    1. Cindy, I totally agree with your statement. The cover just makes sense as far as the best fit for the title!

  8. The reason the book with the best results is way a ahead is because it is first in the line.
    Your viewers believe that YOU believe it is the best and thus placed it first.
    They want to win
    Trevor Twine MA behaviour Psychologist

  9. I understand H.C. Wingert’s position and cannot disagree with his/her comment. But I think the cover of
    a book should be able to stand by itself in delivering a message of what’s inside.

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