Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: The Persian Project

Award winning author Mark Irving’s latest historical thriller – The Persian Project – explores the roots of the Iranian American conflict and brings alive the people, places and events of 1970’s Tehran under the threat of nuclear catastrophe in the Middle East.

A prequel to Irving’s successful series of international thrillers, Deadly Passage and Sakura’s Stratagem, The Persian Project opens in 1978, the U.S. and the Soviet Union are suspicious of each other’s efforts to reduce their inventory of ICBM’s; and Tehran is near turmoil with a new coalition of political, religious and social forces threatening the reign of the Shah and the interests of the U.S. in the region. 

Into this nuclear tinderbox enters the indefatigable Clint Jagger as an undercover telecommunications consultant who soon finds himself under the oppressive thumb of the sadistic commander of the infamous Evin Prison. 

The author’s ability to draw from his own experiences in Iran in the late seventies and his career as bureau chief and political columnist are evident in this realistic portrayal of the region and the back story insights Irving provides his readers in this fast paced adventure.

About the Author:

Mark Irving is the pen name for Irv Sternberg, Denver Post bestselling author of five award winning novels.  A former journalist and speechwriter, he and his wife live in Colorado.

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If you are in the Greater Denver Area, July 7, be sure to visit him at the Boulder Bookstore where he will be signing books at the bookstore’s An Evening with Local Authors.  For more information, visit or visit the author’s website

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