Self Publishing Newsletter Announces $1,500 Book Awards

The Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Newsletter for July 1, 2010 has been distributed. You can read the newsletter in its entirety by clicking here. Here is the lead story:


The “Christmas in July” promotion announces the Best Book of the Year Award and your opportunity to receive $1,500! 

Simply order your publishing package this month and publish your book this year.  No promotion code is necessary.  If your book is recognized next spring as the Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year, $1500 will be credited to your account:

  • Consider it a refund (and then some) on your award-winning publishing package
  • Or use it to publish your next book (or two)  with Outskirts Press for free
  • Or use it to purchase optional marketing services or products to promote your award-winning book   

Regardless of what you do with the $1500, an exclusive award graphic will be added to your cover design as a permanent testament to your book’s quality.  Your book will be the ONLY book in the world that features the “Outskirts Press 2010 Best Book of the Year” award-seal on its cover.

Are you ready to start publishing and see if your book has what it takes to win? Choose from one of these two packages:

Here’s how the Best Book of the Year Award is determined.

1. To win the Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Award, your book must be among those books we publish every year that win an EVVY Award.  The EVVY Awards are the annual independent awards held by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association in recognition of excellence in independently-published books.

2. Your book must receive an Official Outskirts Press EVVY Nomination from us in the fall, and you must accept the nomination, which includes the EVVY Nomination entry fee, the cost of the judge’s copies for your book, and the shipping/handling fee to complete your application on your behalf.

3. In addition to a well-written book, Official Outskirts Press EVVY Award Nominations are based upon 4 main criteria:

  • The book must be published with the Outskirts Press Diamond or full-color Pearl package
  • The book must have a custom cover
  • The book must be edited
  • The book must be in English

Only the top 5% of the books we publish are nominated for the EVVYs. We typically nominate between 50-75 books each year. Yes, that means once your book is nominated, you have at least a 1/75 chance to win the Best Book of the Year Award, although this is NOT a contest of chance.  Award-winning books are based upon the talent and tenacity of the author.

4. Your book must win an EVVY Award to be considered to be our Best Book of the Year.   1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place EVVY Awards are awarded in a number of different categories.  Yes, that means in order to be recognized as the Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year, your book has to win an award. Makes sense, right?  Typically 10-20 of our books win EVVY Awards.

5. EVVY-winning books published by Outskirts Press are announced in the spring at an Awards Banquet in Denver.  All EVVY Award-winning books receive promotion, framed awards, marketing materials, and other perks that are independent of the Best Book of the Year Award.

 6. From among all the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place EVVY-winning Outskirts Press books, the top 3 will be chosen by Outskirts Press to be the Best Book of the Year finalists.  These choices are final.  All three finalist books will receive extensive promotion in our newsletters and on our social networks, including links to the respective author webpages, book video trailers (if any), ebook or Kindle editions (if any), and any other marketing efforts the three authors have put into place.  Award-winning authors realize that marketing and promotion are a vital piece of success.

7. The ultimate Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Award will be determined by the blog readership in an open, public vote.  Yes, that means the three finalists hold their own fate in their hands.   The Best Book of the Year Award is meant to demonstrate to agents, editors, and publishers that the author has the talent and tenacity to excel.  Being a finalist means you have the talent.  Do you have the marketing tenacity to get the most votes for YOUR book in an open, public vote?  Leverage your Twitter and Facebook accounts;  email everyone you know to vote for your book; the voting will determine the most talented writer with the best author platform.

It could be you walking away with $1,500 and the Best Book of the Year Award!

Start publishing today.

While this is the first year of our official Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Award, we did hold a similar promotion last December and you can learn about the book and author who won by clicking here.

Even if you don’t win the Best Book of the Year Award, you will join thousands upon thousands of other satisfied authors who have received top-quality service for their top-quality publication (and countless Outskirts Press authors have gone on to win OTHER awards, anyway).

 For all the Book Award details, and to hear from an Outskirts Press author in her own words, click here.




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    1. A “contest of chance” suggests that all the books published by Outskirts Press this year have an equal chance of being awarded the grand prize. That is not the case in the Best Book of the Year Award. In order to receive an Official Outskirts Press EVVY nomination, the book has to be among the top 5% of books we publish in its own right. Then, to win an EVVY award, the book has to demonstrate exemplary quality among other books from other publishers in a similar genre. Then, to be recognized as a Best Book of the Year Finalist, the book’s overall quality has to be recognized again by Outskirts Press executives. Finally, for the winning book and author to beat out the other two finalists, the author has to successfully leverage his/her author platform and marketing expertise to secure more votes than the other two finalists. Nothing about this contest is left to chance. For full details of this exciting new opportunity for self-publishing authors, please review the following page:

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