Introducing Maritt Bird, Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant

Successfully marketing a book can be a lot of work. A Personal Marketing Assistant is ideal for authors who want marketing assistance that is personal and specific. The Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant is available to work with authors to promote your book in accordance with your plan and goals.The Personal Marketing Assistant will correspond with you to arrive upon a marketing action plan. You will agree upon the specific tactics that will be taken which may include things like soliciting book reviews, contacting local bookstores, completing the verbiage on an author’s webpage, improving your Amazon tactics, or any number of tasks.

Meet one of the Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistants:

Maritt Bird is a marketing professional with a background working with developers to market and sell real estate throughout the Colorado Front Range. Maritt has effectively managed and trained sales teams along with analyzing numerous marketing materials, websites, and sales collateral. In 2008, Maritt was responsible for packaging 13 real estate award entries resulting in four national and regional awards. She received her B.S. in Marketing from the University of Colorado and is a member of, St. Andrew Society of Colorado, and the Denver Board of Realtors.

Testimonial from Carl M. Powe, Jr.,
author of Career Planning and Development – In Reverse:

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse the efforts of Maritt Bird in assisting me with marketing my book “Career Planing and Development–In Reverse.” From the initial introductory phone call to the final minutes of the allotted time, Maritt has been a true professional in every sense of the word. I have been very pleased with her knowledge and ability to convey that knowledge to me. Her interpersonal skills far surpass those of most business people I have dealt with. Thanks, Maritt.

The Personal Marketing Assistant is available as an a-la-carte option or as part of the Book Blast package where authors can save 25% on 5 powerful marketing services to blast their book into the stratosphere! Outskirts Press authors can easily and conveniently add the Personal Marketing Assistant option or the Book Blast package at any time from the Marketing Options screen of the author’s center. Outskirts Press has a team of Personal Marketing Assistants ready to help you in your book promotion efforts today!

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  1. I am about ready to submit my first book to your company for publication. I know nothing about the process, so what must I do first?

    I do have a question also about the fact that I am using Microsoft Word 2003 and wonder that if I submit my manuscript under this format, whether the fonts that I originally used might not be changed, as I saw that happen when I used a USB port to try to have it printed out elsewhere. I do not have a way to do a PDF conversion.

    Any suggestions.

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