Self Publishing Author on Dr. Phil to Discuss Discipline Dangers

Chris Bowen, Outskirts Press author of Our Kids: Building Relationships in the Classroom, appeared last week on the Dr. Phil show to discuss the topic  of Discipline Dangers (To Restrain or Not Restrain) along with Areva Martin, attorney and author of The Everyday Advocate, and Mary Ann Nihart, a trainer with Pro-ACT.

In the show, Dr. Phil asked Bowen tough questions about discipline in the classroom and how far is too far.  Read more about the show and view clips here.


About the Book:

They graze in and we help them become more. We find the small dreams that wisp through our doors and feed them when no one else will. And we make dreamers out of those that thought they had no business dreaming at all. Come spend some time with Chris Bowen and our kids. The days are flawed, at times chaotic, but always beautiful. Learn about the latest generation of public school kids and learn how you can build meaningful relationships with all kids, whether they’re the ones in your home, your classroom, or simply the ones that just pass through your life. Because, in the end, they are all our kids.

Bowen has been the Teacher of the Year for his school, for his school district, and was most recently honored as Teacher of the Year for Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County currently employs over 80,000 teachers. His most important key to success with children is building that personal relationship with each child. There is a huge difference between being tough and being strong. Anybody can be tough with a nine year old. But, it takes the strength of patience, empathy, and honesty to build the more effective, lasting relationship.

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