Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Ivy League Wealth Secrets

Keith Soltis, graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Business, reveals the financial secrets from his Ivy League education which are not available to the common investor and offers new, tips about wealth building, and maximizing your financial potential by eliminating the financial middle-men in your life…this book helps you find the money to fuel your dreams.

In his new book, Ivy League Wealth Secrets, published by Outskirts Press, author Keith Soltis reveals financial strategies and investment secrets from his Ivy League background that, as his subtitle states, “the Master Planners Don’t Want You to Know.”While recognizing that America is one of the most educated countries in the world, author Soltis points to the fact that Americans are some of the least savvy and most illiterate people concerning their own finances. Most colleges and universities do not offer courses on basic financial life skills. How do we purchase homes, cars, insurance, etc. in the most efficient ways possible?

Ivy League Wealth Secrets provides its readers with the financial skills necessary to help them maximize their wealth potential.

Dedicated to helping readers protect their wealth by creating an “environment” for their money, Ivy League Wealth Secrets provides unique financial advice on everything from choosing the correct type of health, auto or life insurance to making the right decision on how to finance a home or an automobile. …and eliminating the financial middle-men!

In this 364 page work, Soltis offers a glimpse behind the curtain of the secret science of money which the rich use to keep getting richer. Soltis teaches how to avoid common financial pitfalls and he dispels financial myths and “rules of thumb” that themselves often prevent people from gaining wealth. This work offers a potential “financial bail-out” for every American.

As an Ivy League insider, Soltis has been revealing the secrets of the wealthy to audiences, corporations, non-profit organizations and labor unions for more than fifteen years. Now his unique revelations are available in one book.

About the Author:
Keith Soltis is a frequent public speaker on matters of personal finance and is the President of the Integrated Wealth Network. His website is Keith, works with Professionals, Fortune 500 Executives, Professional Athletes and Entertainers as a financial services industry professional.

For more information or to contact the author, visit or www.ivyleaguewealthsecrets.

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