Self-Publishing Bestseller Spotlight: The Tales of Wordishure

What makes a best selling book in the competitive self-publishing market? It can be a variety of things like…

  • a professionally designed custom cover
  • professional copy-editing
  • the content of the book can be very niche, targeted at a very specific and voracious audience
  • the use of productive marketing services/products from the publisher

Let’s take a look at one of the recent top 10 bestselling self published books by Outskirts Press to see what contributed to its success. By seeing what
works for other authors, you can take the appropriate publishing and marketing steps to chart your own course toward successful book publishing!

  • Genre: Christian Juvenile Fiction
  • Content for niche audience
  • Professional cover
  • Productive marketing services/products from the publisher, like:
    • Spring Arbor Christian Distribution
    • Press Release Distribution
    • Author webpage
    • Ebook

About the Author

Mick McArt was raised in Tawas, Michigan and was a young man when he gave his heart to the Lord. After high school he became an assembler in an automotive plant. Inspired to pursue more, he applied for college at 22 years old. He delivered pizza to help pay his way through college. After graduating, he started a professional career in multimedia design at a large manufacturing facility, where he is currently employed.

Mick sees his imagination as a gift from God and hopes to use it to be a blessing to others. With encouragement from his wife, pastor, and friends, Mick began work on this book.

He currently attends Faith Baptist Church, in Saginaw, Michigan. There he met and married his wife Erica. They currently live in Saginaw with their newborn son Micah.

Mick earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Central Michigan University and a Masters degree from Saginaw Valley State University.

Mick spends his spare time being creative and working on many projects. This book is the fruit of that God-given talent.

Of course, books cannot become best sellers if they’re only printed and then only sold from the publisher’s website. Books must to be available via multiple sales channels, both wholesale and direct. All Outskirts Press books published with the Diamond, Pearl, and Ruby packages fall into that category. See details about the Distribution-on-Demand Sales Channels by clicking here.

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