Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: What About the Children?

Author Dianne Nelson uses her own experience raising and caring for a previously abused foster child in order to shed light on America’s foster care system and inspire others to help fix it.

Veteran author Dianne Nelson’s newest release, What About the Children?, subtitled What’s the Strategy to Prevent These Tragedies? and published by Outskirts Press, vividly shows how horrifying a nightmare the foster home experience has been for many children. The book is the startling chronicle of one girl’s abusive experience and the care her newly adopted mother takes to change her life for the better, forever.

Unaware of the horrors in Breonna’s past when the young girl steps into her life from a shelter home, Dianne Nelson is shocked to find she continually gorges herself on food. Dianne discovers Breonna stuffs herself because she is worried that there might not be any more food around for awhile. Breonna constantly washes her hands, as well, because those “things” her previous foster father had done to her still make her feel so “dirty.”

As Dianne gains Breonna’s confidence and the full nightmare of the girl’s past emerges, the author discovers that Breonna’s earlier foster father had demanded that his children constantly clean, work a job, and service him sexually. Unaware of how the rest of the world lived, Breonna began to develop severe psychological trauma as she struggled to see how her life was supposed to be “normal.”

What About the Children? tells the story of Dianne’s painful and poignant journey to establish with Breonna a baseline of trust and love that the child had never had with another. This frank and moving work will shed light on America’s foster care system by not only showing what is wrong with it, but also by showing how to fix it.

Ms. Nelson’s book is essential reading for anyone who grew up in the foster care system, who participated in it as a caregiver, or who is considering becoming a foster care parent.

About the Author:
Dianne Nelson is the author of several books, although this is the first one that she has published. She lives in Maryland with her family and has a special passion for children.

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