Article Ghostwriting for Self-Publishing Authors

One of the proven ways to market yourself and your book on the Internet is to write and distribute related articles that demonstarte your expertise in your subject matter.  Even if your article does not blatantly promote your book, your “About the Author” byline section does, including a link to your webpage.  This is also good for Search Engine Optimization for your webpage.

Is this marketing method effective? Yes.

Is it time-consuming? Not anymore!

Now,  Outskirts Press will have one of our professional ghostwriters compose your article on your behalf.   This option is for one article but the more different articles you “write” the most recognized you will become, so you can order this option multiple times if you want.

  • You choose the topic
  • We write the article
  • You review/edit and approve it
  • We distribute it for you

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

What type of article might you want?

It depends upon what type of book you have written (after all, you want it to be related). Here are some possibilities:

  • A romance novelist may select an article topic such as “Top Ten Relationship Exercises for Couples”
  • A children’s book author may suggest an article written about “How to Be a Nurturing Parent”
  • A bestselling author of a number of books might choose “5 Steps to Self Publishing Success”

You choose the topic, provide any background information you have available, and we’ll write the 700-1000 word article for you.

Then we distribute it throughout the Internet where bloggers, RSS feeds, XML feeds, article archives, forums, and other websites can “pick it up” for distribution.

Many article websites provide “RSS feeds” for webmasters, bloggers, and newsletter publishers who are looking for content on specific topics. Your article will be blasted to these channels and you may start to see your Expert Article appearing all around the Internet.

We’ll even show you how to see up an electronic “clipping service” so you will get notified by email when your Expert Article is published.

Here’s an example of where “5 Steps to Self Publishing Success” by best-selling author Gang Chen was republished, exposing Gang’s book to all the readers of this website.

Outskirts Press published authors can order the Article ghostwriting and distribution service at any time easily and conveniently from the marketing options page in the Author’s Center.

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