Custom Shoes for Self-Publishing Authors

These shoes are the ultimate conversation starter for any self-publishing author! Your book cover artistically designed into a pair of high-quality KEDS shoes.

The original white Champion KEDS sneaker provides the perfect blank canvas on which to design a unique, eye-catching pair of custom shoes featuring the cover of your book.

Ideal for children’s shoes and children’s books, but as you can see from the examples below, any book cover can be turned into an awe-inspiring conversation starter!

Example 1:

self publishing shoes

Example 2:

self publishing shoes

Outskirts Press authors can order these Custom shoes at any time easily and conveniently from the marketing options page in the Author’s Center.  These custom shoes come in a wide variety of both adult or children’s sizes. A professional designer will take your book cover and design a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes using your book cover. The Outskirts Press logo is placed on the heel of each shoe.


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