Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Kill the Addiction

In Kill the Addiction, Stop Smoking: Without Quitting, published by leading self-publisher Outskirts Press, John English shows how addiction works and shows how to conquer it permanently with a unique method that involves a new way of thinking about smoking addiction. A smoker himself for fifty years, John is now nicotine free and so are ninety percent of the smokers he tested using the method in his book.

One quarter of the world’s adult population is addicted to nicotine. Seventy-five percent of the smokers who want to quit have found that they cannot. In Kill the Addiction John English offers an innovative, logical method of overcoming addiction and stopping smoking without quitting. Surprisingly, it is a goal that can be achieved within just a few days.

John’s method is non-invasive. There are no pills to take, no prescriptions to fill, no patches to attach, and no hypnosis to undergo. There are no seminars to attend. There are no devices, no gadgets, and no gimmicks to use.

Instead, one gains a new understanding of exactly how addiction works and, with that understanding, one learns how first to trick it, then to manipulate it, then control it, and finally one learns how to kill it. The fact that one accomplishes this oneself leaves one not only nicotine and addiction free, but also with a greater sense of self-confidence and self esteem because one has done it totally by oneself and under one’s own control.

John had been smoking for fifty years, and although he had become concerned about his health, like many, he had been unable to quit smoking. After he was finally able to bring himself to an understanding of how addiction worked, and was able to stop smoking, he decided he wanted to share with others the secret of his success.

Kill the Addiction, Stop Smoking: Without Quitting is his gift to anyone who wants to kick the habit and become drug free, easily, logically and painlessly.

About the Author:

 John English was born in Grenoble, France, in 1930, to an English teacher and his French wife. After being raised in England, John left for Canada at the age of twenty-one and made it his home. He started in sales, then marketing and over the span of the following twenty-five years he became the Canadian CEO consecutively of three multinational companies in the beauty products business.

John is now retired, and he and his wife divide their time equally between Canada and Florida. This is John’s first book.

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