Self Publishing Version 3.0 – Part 2

This previous blog posting provided some details about the new features and benefits of Outskirts Press 3.0 and this one discusses the benefits that come from publishing with Outskirts Press AFTER the book is published — marketing is an important piece, too!

Today let’s look deeper at what information and assistance the author will receive when he or she clicks on a particular product, service, or feature listed in the new 3.0 online shopping experience.  Let’s say, for example, the author was interested in the Amazon Extreme Marketing Package.  With a simple click of the button, the author would receive the following information:

Amazon Extreme Package
3 Amazon services for 1 discounted price
Save 25% off a la carte pricing
Press PLAY to watch the introductory video, or scroll down to get more details about all the marketing services/products included with this Package…


Amazon Kindle EditionThe Amazon Kindle is a revolutionary wireless reading device that allows its owners to instantly download books and newspapers. Only books that have been submitted to the Amazon Kindle via the required process and in the required format are available for Kindle readers to purchase and enjoy. Kindle editions of books appear on Amazon and in Amazon search listings just like any other format (such as a hardback edition).There are several benefits to having your book available on Amazon Kindle:

  1. The Amazon Kindle edition will appear in the search results, along with any other formats of your book (such as your paperback and/or hardback editions). This results in an increase of exposure for your book’s cover, which increases the chances of browsers clicking on your cover image and coming that much closer to becoming a buyer.
  2. Sales through the Amazon Kindle are not split with Outskirts Press. Amazon will take their share, as they always do, but your profit will be directly deposited into your checking account by Amazon, without any involvement by (or portion for) Outskirts Press. In other words, your Kindle sales are YOUR Kindle sales.
  3. Amazon customers and readers are growing every day. While the Kindle is a unique and revolutionary device designed to make reading more convenient, the majority of Amazon customers love actual BOOKS. A Kindle sale is an inexpensive way to offer your book to a potential reader; if they like it, they are more likely to purchase the paperback or hardback edition, too.

Amazon Search Inside the Book SubmissionAmazon’s “online equivalent” to browsing a bookstore. Books that participate in the optional “Search Inside” program through Outskirts Press feature a “Look Inside” icon over their Amazon cover image, which invites potential customers to electronically “flip” through a small section of the book. Amazon claims that books participating in this program enjoy “significant” sales improvement, on average, over books that do not. Equally important is the affect this participation has on your Amazon search results. More data about your book’s content is stored by Amazon’s computers, potentially resulting in more accurate and targeted search results and recommendations.

Amazon Keyword Search SubmissionCustomers who browse for new books on Amazon usually do not search by title or author. They search by keywords or phrases (subject-specific words that describe their interest). One goal in book marketing is to do whatever is possible to improve a book’s search results ranking on for applicable keywords. The Amazon Keyword Submission option through Outskirts Press can help. Participating books are “tagged” with applicable terms and keywords on Amazon’s Product Detail page. Then 10 specific keywords or phrases are submitted to Amazon’s Search Engine on the author’s behalf.

Plus a FREE Paperback  Sell Your Book on AmazonSo You’d Like to… Become An Amazon Bestseller! Don’t wait. Publishing insider and CEO Brent Sampson reveals revolutionary advice guaranteed to increase your book sales on Amazon. Learn the powerful secrets used by successful Amazon authors every day. This informative and practical “how-to” guide shares new techniques that are proven to work.

  • Solutions Revealed! Discover step-by-step methods for improving your exposure on Amazon and increasing your authority.
  • Secrets Exposed! Increase your profitability by learning the secrets to short-discounting Amazon with just twenty percent.
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  • Amazon Approved! Find, understand, and control every Amazon possibility for maximum book sales.

Are you holding a manuscript in your hand that you wish Amazon was selling? Or do you already have a book on Amazon that you wish was selling better? In either case, Sell Your Book on Amazon will help you. You will experience what Brent Sampson has seen first-hand as the president of Outskirts Press – that marketing success on Amazon can be the difference between hundreds and tens-of-thousands of dollars a month in author royalties. You will learn why self-publishing guru Dan Poynter says, “Bookstores are a lousy place to sell books.” Amazon provides a phenomenal and gigantic (global) platform from which to sell your book. In fact, the opportunities may seem almost too colossal! But now, Sell Your Book on Amazon unveils it all for the first time. This book provides an easy-to-understand approach to increase your book sales on Amazon by exploring the steps you can take immediately.

The New Outskirts Press 3.0 website is the result of a lot of work and effort of a lot of people, and we particularly want to thank our authors who are always happy to provide suggestions and thoughts on how we can continue to improve. No wonder Outskirts Press is the fastest-growing full-service self-publishing and book marketing company. We have the best authors in the world! We hope you enjoy the new Version 3.0 website.

Want to see more benefits of Publishing with Outskirts Press? Marketing your book after publication is an easy thing to forget about when your book isn’t even published yet, but it is equally important and Outskirts Press leads the way with valuable marketing products and services. Check out our video here.

And if you haven’t experienced the custom difference with Outskirts Press, now is the time to start…

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