Self-Publishing Spotlight: Immaculate Deception

Immaculate Deception is a rollicking look at sex, religion, crime and relationships in one delicious read. The novel follows the exploits of Craig Connery, a sexy ex-con whose split-second decision to take another man’s identity puts him in the most unlikely position: that of impersonating a priest.

Now, this decidedly unreligious man must make it as a man of God. His first mission? Running a nursing home in regional Australia.

What follows is a high-stakes farce of biblical proportions as Craig dissembles his way through a life he knows nothing about. Along the why, he’ll glimpse a world whose secrets rival his own—and discover the shocking truth about the church, the elderly, and himself.

“Such a quirky storyline is nothing unexpected from Webb, Her life accomplishments include once having her feet massaged by the serial killer Ted Bundy (and living to tell about it) and spending a night in a Mexican prison after being falsely accused of prostitution just for standing on the wrong side of the street.

“I possess an uncanny ability to show up at the wrong time in the wrong place, but somehow get away with it,” said Webb, who described her life to date as “anything but normal.”

At times uproariously funny and at others deeply touching, Immaculate Deception combines juicy plot twists, crackling dialogue and bizarre cast of characters make for this summer’s most addictive reading. Amen to that!

About the Author: Courtney J. Webb walked away from a lucrative career in the computer industry to pursue what she was born to do: write. Her work combines her vivid imagination, quirky sense of humor and uncanny ability to bring people to life. All of that’s evident in Immaculate Deception, her first comic novel. Webb lives in Australia, where she is currently at work on a dramatic screenplay.

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