Simple Tips from a Self-Published Author

Outskirts Press author, Elise Cooke, started her company, Simpleton Solutions, to be able to write about and encourage living large on less. The Simpleton Solutions website regularly posts topical analysis on frugal issues, takes feedback from readers and supplies more money-saving information.

Elise recently shared with us some of her simple tips for successful book marketing:

1) Write a good book. Since she writes reference books, she has to do her research and cram them chock-full of useful information. They also have to be entertaining, with stories and jokes that keep people interested and engaged. It’s a lot of work, but the stellar reviews she’s received have made it all worthwhile.

2) Offer your services as a writer. Periodicals are dying for content. Elise offers to write articles for free. Now I’m a regular contributor to one magazine and I’m a guest correspondent elsewhere. I’m sure to mention my books and website in my byline, of course. This has resulted in a feature and a lot of traffic on my website, as well as a spike in sales!

3) Get involved in the community. Elise also applied to teach community classes on her subject matter. Her books will be part of the class materials.

4) Create a website. Having a strong website where people can go for more information and get a chance to interact with the author helps a lot. A personal life coaching service found her site and asked her to be a guest speaker for a teleseminar.

5) Use social networking sites. She made a video of herself reading excerpts, with simple imagery and posted it to lots of video sites. That too has increased traffic and interest.

6) Let the readers spread the word. According to Elise, her readers are her best marketing department. They add links from their websites to hers and they recommend her books to their friends.

Visit the Marketing Options page in your Author’s Center for a full list of marketing products and services provided by Outskirts Press to help make marketing your book simple.

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