A Self Publishing Promotion worth $1,249?

We’re not crazy enough to think a 30-second book video is worth $1,249 (but one of our competitors is, and they rhyme with “nooksplurge”). Believe it or not, they’re charging their authors $1,249 for a 30 second video.  

We believe the best things in life are free, which is why, through February, you will receive a FREE 30-second Book Teaser video when publishing with our Diamond or Pearl publishing package if you enter the valid promotion code at the time of order. The valid promotion code and promotion dates are available on our promotions page by clicking here.

I guess we should have promoted our February FREE Video Promotion by saying “Outskirts Press is giving away a free book video worth $1,249 when you start publishing your book in February.”

That’s outta whack!  

It makes you wonder how over-priced everything else is from our competitors. If you’re tired of paying too much for publishing, too much for your own author’s copies, or too much for marketing support, then you’re ready for Outskirts Press, the gem of custom book publishing. Just think, for the price of their video option, you could republish your book with Outskirts Press, start getting better royalties, better distribution, AND the free book video (plus have a couple hundred bucks left over).  Now, that’s something…

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