Outskirts Press authors in the New York Times

Some authors wait their entire lives to appear in the New York Times.

These 12 Outskirts Press authors only need to wait 2 more days.

On December 7th, the New York Times Holiday Edition of the NYT Book Review is distributed to over 5 million people, and in the pages of that edition is the Outskirts Press co-op announcement featuring these books below:

American Indian Mafia: An FBI Agent’s True Story about Wounded Knee, Leonard Peltier, and the American Indian Movement (AIM)

by Joseph H. Trimbach and John M. Trimbach

The Family Bones

by Kimberly Raiser

My Funny Dad, Harry

by Karen Arlettaz Zemek

Secrets of the High Court: On Political Culture, U.S. Constitutionalism, and the Foundations of the Abortion Industry

by Daniel P. Klimek

Memoirs of an Immigrant

by Olof A. Eriksen

King Ego: Clearing The Path To Happiness

by Pnina Yoeli

Thru the Wall

by Rodger Epley

The Sneakiest Pirates

by Dalton James

Universe God’s Jewel

by Nick Kostovic


by Derrik J. McGinnis

The End Result

by Marc Boyajian

How Capitol Got the Beatles: and Then What Happened

by Charles Tillinghast

Our apologies to many of our other Outskirts Press authors who expressed an interest in participating in this amazing opportunity. With limited space, we had to turn so many away. However, keep an eye on this blog for another opportunity with the New York Times in 2009.

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