Professional author websites for self publishing writers

If every successful author has a website, why doesn’t every author have a website? They should. And now they can.

Introducing the Enhanced Customizable Author Website from Outskirts Press in partnership with Cevado Technologies.

  • Add as many pages to your website as you like. Delete pages whenever you want.
  • Easily and quickly choose different designs, colors, and navigation options.
  • Your personal website is set-up for you; it’s as easy as ordering the option.
  • Live telephone customer service is available with Cevado tech support to help you with your website whenever you need it.

Not that you will need any help. The online interface is as user-friendly and powerful as they come.

Why does every author need a website?

  • To market & sell their book
  • To build their “platform” as an author
  • To communicate with their readers

How does every author get a website?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… 4.

Step 1. Publish with Outskirts Press by clicking here. After your book is published, order the optional Enhanced Customizable Author Website from your Marketing Center.

Step 2. Your professional author website will be set-up for you, usually within 48 business hours, and ready for you to customize however you want with the amazingly simple online interface.

Step 3. Edit the content of your website with a familiar set of controls, just like a word processor.

Your changes are made instantly in a “what you see is what you get” manner.

While editing and adding content, you can also define the navigation controls, add pages, rename pages, and add images, whenever you want. Easy as *snap*.

Step 4. Next comes choosing your color and theme, and the new Customizable Website interface makes it easy:

Webpage vs. Website?

Yes, Outskirts Press has always offered a free author webpage with every publishing package, and we still do. Up to 16 different color/layout choices are available, depending upon your package choice. And you can edit the content of your single webpage easily and efficiently within your author’s center at any time, no programming knowledge necessary. For some authors, this is sufficient. It is certainly very cool. And with our optional Content Formatting option, it’s even more flexible and powerful.

However, for many authors one single webpage is simply not enough. They need a multi-paged, fully configurable website to promote their numerous books or to promote themselves and/or their careers.

The professional, fully customizable enhanced author website solution from Outskirts Press.

Need help with your new professional website through Outskirts Press? No problem. Every author who orders the new website will have live telephone toll-free technical support to help them with their website. Tech support, hosting, and technical issues for these professional author websites is managed by Cevado Technologies, independently of Outskirts Press to offer the high quality website service and knowledge our authors expect.

The website hosting and live tech support that comes with each Website Option requires an additional monthly fee of $29, which is billed directly by Cevado Technologies once the optional Professional Customizable Website has been ordered through Outskirts Press from within your author’s center for the price of $299.

To order: Sign-in to your author’s center and access your Marketing Options page once your book has been published.

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