First moments as a published author…

…as shared by Diane Hart Sandin, author of Ability To Sleep On Toilet Required

I must share with you how my precious author copies almost bit the dust.

I was really worried about taking the “plunge” with self publishing. But I had corresponded with your people over the last year and received such good information and encouragement that I decided Outskirts Press was the way for me. And it proved to be the smartest decision. My Author Rep was absolutely wonderful and the whole process, even though it was nerve wracking and exciting at the same time, was one I enjoyed and a decision I don’t regret.

On July 31st, my hubby Tim was on the operating table, having a fourth surgery for a rare condition. When the surgeon came out after less than an hour, I almost fainted when he told me they found nothing. Absolutely nothing. I went back to my room that night, to find an email that my book Ability to Sleep On Toilet Required had been published while Tim was on the operating table. Two miracles in one day…

Now I was aware that my copies were arriving on August 6th and I was stalking our UPS guy. We live in the country and we are on first name basis with UPS man because it’s always the same guy. I had gone to lay down for a cat nap when I heard the UPS truck.

I began screaming, “It’s here! It’s HERE!” I opened the door to see the truck pull away and no package. We thought maybe our guy was on vacation and this new guy thought he had the wrong address and we waited about six minutes for him to come back. I was about to come unglued. I was just about to call UPS when I asked Tim to go down to the garage to see if the parcel was there. Our house numbers are on the garage. Sure enough the box was on the ground in front of the garage! I guess this temp UPS guy figured we lived in the garage! Tim came running in with the box just as a HUGE downpour fell on us. I was freaking out ….

I finally calmed down and opened the box and held my first book…It was so beautiful I cried and even though we both knew the story and I had edited the thing 8000 times, we both read it and laughed again.

Thank you Outskirts Press for making my dream come true. It will be up there with the most wonderful moments of my life. And I am waiting for our regular UPS guy. He needs to rag on his replacements that I may be weird but I don’t live in the garage!

Many blessings,
Diane Hart Sandin
Ability To Sleep On Toilet Required

P.S. I forgave the UPS Guy.