Book Blast Featured Book: What Are You, Stupid?

What Are You, Stupid? is a part-humorous, part-serious and always politically incorrect take on what constitutes stupidity, how widespread it is and how to live in a decidedly stupid world.“We do not have to, and should not try to, totally understand stupid people,” Shephard writes with characteristic wryness. “However, we do have to co-exist with them.”

That’s not always easy, at least for the non-stupid, Shephard explains. Readers will meet the fried-chicken joint that ran out of chicken; the fast-food worker who locked the doors because “we’ve got too many customers”; the jail guards whose head count kept coming up wrong because they were counting themselves; and – unfortunately – much, much more. There’s also a section to help readers determine if they or someone they know is, in fact, stupid.

More than an entertaining romp, What Are You, Stupid? examines how stupidity often rises to the top of even the largest corporations, hindering efficiency and holding back organizations and people. Yet many people are afraid to confront stupid decisions and behavior head-on. With What Are You, Stupid?, Shephard seeks to raise awareness of the prevalence and impact of stupidity while providing a rallying cry for change.

About the Author: Henry Shephard is a graduate of Shaw University and A&T State University, with degrees in psychology and counselor education. He is a veteran school counselor and teacher. Shephard has worked with the North Carolina Prison System and in the mental health industry. He and wife Faye live in Statesville, NC.

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