Self-Publishing Best Holiday Book Contest Winner Announced – November 2010

Congratulations Barbara Bryan! Your book has won the November Best Holiday Book Contest and you are receiving a FREE Custom T-Shirt featuring your book, courtesy of Outskirts Press.

Here is the winning book:

This time of year, most people are busy making a list and checking it twice. A good way to wind down from all of the hustle and bustle this season brings is to curl up with a book written with the holidays in mind. Authors like Barbara write books that allow readers to escape the pressure and truly enjoy what the holidays are all about.

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Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Barbara Bryan

Outskirts Press author, Barbara Bryan, manages a business with her husband in Novato, California. She is the mother of three daughters. Her true passion is writing children’s stories.  

She has published four books with Outskirts Press, listed below.  


Books by Barbara Bryan:

Starfish, Seashells, Coral and Gems  

There’s something pink
on Plankton Beach.

It is summer vacation for Terry, and her older sister, Sunshine, is taking care of her while her parents are away.  Terry soon makes quite a discovery, a mermaid named Nicolee. They develop a special friendship, which leaves a lasting impression in both their hearts. This book is not only enjoyable reading, but teaches children about friendships and sharing with others. 


Just For Fun 

More Lighthearted Verse
to Brighten Up Anyone’s Day

In Just for Fun, Bryan creates a delightful treasury of verse, this time for all ages. With her trademark knack for unearthing enchanting rhyme and rhythm, along with gorgeous, full-color illustrations, Bryan celebrates the everyday world we live in.

What emerges is both personal and universal as Bryan trains her eye on subjects as focused as her Labrador and as widespread as the ocean. In “Mrs. Parker,” Bryan explores the reasons a longtime teacher continues through the hard slog of education; in “Fourth of July,” freedom takes center stage, along with the fireworks. Through it all, Bryan lightheartedly reveals the magic that goes on all around us, if only we’d stop long enough to notice it.   


Holiday Poems for Children 

An Enchanting Treasury
to Honor Our Most Beloved Holidays
From Valentine’s Day to Christmas, Holiday Poems for Children captures the magic and majesty of our best-loved holidays in 20 memorable poems. Bryan’s delightful rhymes and gorgeous full-color illustrations take young readers through Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. All the while, readers of all ages learn about the characters and history behind them, from the Easter Bunny to—of course—Santa Claus.
With imaginative pictures and fun-to-say verses, Holiday Poems for Children is sure to provide hours of repeated reading. It’s also perfect for teaching children about the holidays, giving context to what has become, for many people, merely a day off. The book can also be used for sparking discussion about what the holidays mean to them—for instance, listing what readers are thankful for—and for imparting fun new vocabulary words.

Save The Golden Tree

Can a Group of Kids Save the Magical Golden Tree? 

High atop a hill in the town of Evergreen Forest grows a tall and gorgeous Christmas tree. But this isn’t just any fir. What sets it apart is its color—a brilliant, luminous, and gleaming gold. Unfortunately, what makes the tree so special also spells danger when several department stores want to cut it down to put in their store windows. 

That’s when Rudy springs into action. Follow his effort as he begins a ‘Save the Tree’ campaign and enlists the help of other young children to keep the tree alive. And after taking their message to teachers, the news media – even Santa himself – they might just be surprised how much they can do! 

A magical and heartwarming story, Save the Golden Tree shows how anything is possible when people come together united by a cause.   

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