Self-Publishing Virtual Book Tour: American Way by Ruby Dominguez

As an author in this economy, you have to come up with creative ways to market a self-published book. While book tours are a great way to connect with your readers, they aren’t the most affordable method of promotion. However, technology has made it possible for an alternative.

Take note from self-publishing Outskirts Press author, Ruby Dominguez, who is taking her latest book, American Way, on tour – a virtual book tour, that is. She will be featured on several blogs over the weeks and months ahead so keep your eyes peeled to learn more about her and her book.

Luckily for us, Ruby was kind enough to answer a few questions as the tour was getting started so that we can give you a sneak peek into the mind of the creator of American Way.

American Way book cover

OP: Tell us a little bit about American Way. What is it about?

RD: “What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas” is a humorous caricature of Sin City often laced with sexual innuendos that had thrust young lovers John and Sylvia headlong into this city of temptation. The “Poker Rush” was at its all time high at the World Series Tournament in Las Vegas. Its gazillion bright lights – a beacon to the downtrodden economy’s lofty hopefuls, whom were preyed upon by the sly James Foxwoods of the world! Just like the olden times of California’s Gold Rush, John perceived it to be a get-rich-quick life of luxury, not just for himself but more so, especially for his childhood sweetheart, Sylvia. Sadly, John learned the hard way what every savvy poker player was perfectly aware of; that being mathematically sound in poker was just part of the “equation” of a successful poker career. He soon discovered that it’s also a game ruled by emotions and random chance, and that sometimes the mathematically sound decision wasn’t necessarily the best one, especially if love is what’s at stake. Alas, the proverbial “House of Cards” on which their dreams were flimsy built on had finally fallen and crumbled, leaving in its wake a chaotic dusty trail of the telltale signs of shattered hopes and love gone awry.

OP: Why did you decide to write this story?

RD: Inspired by Steven Rush’s original story, I decided that this was worthy of a story telling about love, romance and the harsh realities of life that one has to overcome.

OP: What types of readers would be interested in this story?

RD: I would imagine that the novel would capture everyone’s interest, but particularly the female populace being that the story hovers around love and romance.

OP: What is special about your book?  What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

RD: It is a contemporary American love story about how a young couple had escaped a blase existence in nowhere’s-ville town of Van Lear, Kentucky only for their dreams to go up in smoke in Sin City.

OP: Have you published any other books? Do you plan to publish more?

RD: I am a multi Reader’s Favorite Awardee for my published books: “The Peruke Maker,” “Romancing The Claddagh,” and “It’s Over Michael, But…,” which makes “AMERICAN WAY” my fourth published book, and I do see myself writing more in the near future.

OP: Thanks for your time, Ruby! We look forward to learning more about you as you visit other bloggers!

American Way Author Ruby DominguezABOUT THE AUTHOR:

The Author, Ruby Dominguez is a multi Reader’s Favorite Awardee for her published books: “The Peruke Maker,” “Romancing The Claddagh,” and “It’s Over Michael, But…” Equipped with terrific writing style, she writes a contemporary American love story about how a young couple had escaped a blase existence in nowhere’s-ville town of Van Lear, Kentucky only for their dreams to go up in smoke in Sin City. The story
speaks in a certain voice that allows the reader to identify and really interact with the characters.



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Self Publishing Spotlight: The Peruke Maker

The Salem Witch Hunt Curse is a compelling and suspenseful story that focuses on the infamous Salem Witch Hunt Curse, an ancient and evil practice which is unearthed from necromancy and violates the course of natural events in a modern day world.

Inspired by true events, The Peruke Maker is a well researched screenplay about the spiritual and emotional journeys of Bridget Cane, a stunning 17th century red haired beauty, and Sarah, a thoroughly 21st century woman. Their paths become inextricably bound across time and space as Thomas Cane’s vengeful curse continues to threaten the virtuous during this relentless quest for an avenger of innocent blood.

Like the book’s 21st century time traveler, Sarah, the author’s readers are introduced to this earlier, frightening world by the startling image of Bridget Cane, scantily clad, frozen in fear, her own imminent death portended by the Banshee’s bloodcurdling cries, set against the background of a witch hunt that has reached a feverish pitch in a society where the fear of sorcery and the devil is as real as God.The story builds with heightened tension and conflict and fittingly ends in present day New York City when Sarah’s journey ultimately comes full circle as Michael’s love for her triumphs over the evil she must face in 17th century Salem. The suspense leading to her final redemption climaxes in a dramatic and magical act of rebirth which transcends the grave at the exact stroke of midnight on the Autumnal Equinox.This is a beautiful illustration which captures the very essence of what this story is all about: love and forgiveness.

As Lee Levinson of Lejen Literary Consultants writes, The Peruke Maker is “visually compelling, provocative, suspenseful, memorable characters, smooth pace with excellent twists and turns.”

Ruby Dominguez has challenged herself in this tale with the conflicting complexities of the past and the future as well as the forces of good and evil as they play out across time. With an intuitive accuracy that provides both substance and relevance, Ms. Dominguez convincingly captures the evil that pervaded 17th century Salem, Massachusetts.

“This compelling journey is deftly played against a story line that has meaningful things to say about the inherent vulnerability of the human condition,” adds Lee Levinson in his professional script coverage analysis of THE PERUKE MAKER – The Salem Witch Hunt Curse.

About the Author:
The author, Ruby Dominguez is undeterred as she strokes with pen the somber and bright hues of her visions. She currently resides in San Francisco. She has been a recipient of the “Editor’s Choice Award,” by the National Library of Poetry in 1999 and 2007 for her published poems in the SHELTER OF SHADE.

For more information or to contact the author, visit

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