Self Publishing Spotlight: The Peruke Maker

The Salem Witch Hunt Curse is a compelling and suspenseful story that focuses on the infamous Salem Witch Hunt Curse, an ancient and evil practice which is unearthed from necromancy and violates the course of natural events in a modern day world.

Inspired by true events, The Peruke Maker is a well researched screenplay about the spiritual and emotional journeys of Bridget Cane, a stunning 17th century red haired beauty, and Sarah, a thoroughly 21st century woman. Their paths become inextricably bound across time and space as Thomas Cane’s vengeful curse continues to threaten the virtuous during this relentless quest for an avenger of innocent blood.

Like the book’s 21st century time traveler, Sarah, the author’s readers are introduced to this earlier, frightening world by the startling image of Bridget Cane, scantily clad, frozen in fear, her own imminent death portended by the Banshee’s bloodcurdling cries, set against the background of a witch hunt that has reached a feverish pitch in a society where the fear of sorcery and the devil is as real as God.The story builds with heightened tension and conflict and fittingly ends in present day New York City when Sarah’s journey ultimately comes full circle as Michael’s love for her triumphs over the evil she must face in 17th century Salem. The suspense leading to her final redemption climaxes in a dramatic and magical act of rebirth which transcends the grave at the exact stroke of midnight on the Autumnal Equinox.This is a beautiful illustration which captures the very essence of what this story is all about: love and forgiveness.

As Lee Levinson of Lejen Literary Consultants writes, The Peruke Maker is “visually compelling, provocative, suspenseful, memorable characters, smooth pace with excellent twists and turns.”

Ruby Dominguez has challenged herself in this tale with the conflicting complexities of the past and the future as well as the forces of good and evil as they play out across time. With an intuitive accuracy that provides both substance and relevance, Ms. Dominguez convincingly captures the evil that pervaded 17th century Salem, Massachusetts.

“This compelling journey is deftly played against a story line that has meaningful things to say about the inherent vulnerability of the human condition,” adds Lee Levinson in his professional script coverage analysis of THE PERUKE MAKER – The Salem Witch Hunt Curse.

About the Author:
The author, Ruby Dominguez is undeterred as she strokes with pen the somber and bright hues of her visions. She currently resides in San Francisco. She has been a recipient of the “Editor’s Choice Award,” by the National Library of Poetry in 1999 and 2007 for her published poems in the SHELTER OF SHADE.

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