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Art Fairy: Flower Sea

by Floras Athena

(5 Stars – 2 Customer Reviews)

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Floras Athena’s “Art Fairy: Flower Sea. “All Beings Are Equal In Art! In the kingdom of art, only struggle to enhance talent and create happiness for the world, then you can be the happiest little prince and little princess of the whole world! A long-golden-haired boy with an exquisite lyre in his hands flowing brilliant melody. A florid butterfly gyrating and dancing with the melody. Her wings shining aquamarine blaze, gorgeous like Sea Goddess Feather.  But meanwhile, a lot of evil creatures are coming for this Mirror Lake Fairyland….Demon knights.  Thousands of dark fire dragons and flaming ice dragons…… In another flower sea world, Oris early heard Cynthia’s notoriety of night queen under the dark tulips just like Thor puncturing your mermaid heart. Blink! Sunshine of heaven hymn is shining all over the Snow Ice Demon World! All flower seas of whole world are blooming and stretching!

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