Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: R.L. Farr

The life of a self-publishing author isn’t always an easy one — though it can be more rewarding than almost any self-guided pursuit known to man. Outskirts Press has had had the good fortune to work with many talented and successful individuals over the years as they strive to make their self-publishing dreams come true. For that reason, we feel compelled to give a nod to the authors who’ve, in turn, contributed to our success. Every now and then, we celebrate one of our successful authors in our Self-Publishing Author Spotlight.

This week Outskirts Press proudly features poet, fiction and non-fiction author R.L. Farr. This prolific self-publishing author has penned several books ranging from poetry (Runaway, Like a Dying Moon and A Tarantula’s Dance in the Sun) to humor (He Fell for Her .38’s) to horror (Rob Tomb’s Realty) and autobiographical (Dents on a Fresno’s Child). Here, we highlight Farr and his eclectic work.

Rorry Nighttrain East a.k.a R.L. Farr, was in Fresno, California, in 1952. He attended Lowell Elementary School and Sequoia Junior High School in Fresno before moving to the Bay Area. He is an alumnus of De Anza College, Cupertino, California. Rorry East has also written for stand-up comics and JLTV’s comedy/variety “The James and Sunda Show.” He has since moved from the Golden State and now resides on a ranch where he writes — just outside the beautiful mile-high mountains of Silver City, New Mexico.

Runaway, Like a Dying MoonRunaway, Like a Dying Moon

If perchance you’ll read this vivid Poetry Anthology on some rainy day, with your conscience tossed and braided – in those deep catacombs of your mind – that’s where you’ll also find it’s author; in robe & socks with disheveled hair, the official attire of the writer; and he’ll still be searching the muted earth and skies to reward his readers with this sort of intelligent poetry/escapism which boldly knows how to: Runaway, Like A Dying Moon.

A Tarantula’s Dance in the SunA Tarantula's Dance in the Sun

Most of these scars are dried flowers, but quickly … before the winter cuts a swath and sullies this summer’s carafes, once set upon our patio tables; and before our whoolgatherng has turned into conjecture – have you told anyone how beloved they are to you?

HE FELL FOR HER .38'sHe Fell for Her .38’s

“STOP! You can run, but your pantyhose can’t.”

Pssst! Yeah, over here: Welcome to the crazy, crazy world of “Jack Hammer”, with his wild detective ineptitude and floundering charms, whenever it comes to wooing women. For it seems our loveable and not-so-all-seeing Private Eye has now returned with a vengeance to blindly grope his way through yet further unparalleled realms of crime & stupdity – without even a funeral for a clue.

Rob Tomb’s RealtyRob Tomb's Realty

ROB TOMB’S REALTY specializes in selling only the best of haunted properties which are subsequently converted into rental estates. Although most of these so-called rooms can no longer be entered by those of “the living and breathing variety,” may these tales remain as a livng Abstract of Title to attest to the morbidly dead therein.

Dents on a Fresno's ChildDents on a Fresno’s Child

“Dents On a Fresno’s Child” is a ‘Summer of Love’ coming-of-age story. One might even say it’s the “Summer of ‘42” meets “Stand By Me”, on some level. It is the closest thing that Rorry East has ever penned to an autobiography: (“For to loathe reality is to forget who you were as a child. To loathe oneself is to remember who that child was, and then not forgive them.”)


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