Target Book-Buyers with Laser-like Precision with Book Posters

Self-publishing authors rely on their ability to cut through the clutter, garner name recognition and build awareness to sell books. In fact, it’s essential to selling, and it’s usually done on a shoestring budget. For this reason, smart audience targeting is the most effective way to accomplish your goal of building your author brand.

Promotional products available to self-published authors through Outskirts Press can help you do just that. Book Posters are an especially great way to attract the audience you need to target with your promotional materials. An eye-catching image of your book cover in the local library or bookstore gets your name and your title directly in front of the people most likely to buy.Outskirts Press Book Posters

Your Outskirts Press Book Poster packets include:

  • 25 Posters
  • 11″ x 17″ full-color design
  • Your eye-catching cover image is on the front in full-color, full bleed

Remember, it’s good to get your name out before lots of people, but it’s even more valuable to put your book before the RIGHT people. Put your name and your title out there for the book-buying public to see!

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