From Scratch Paper to Self-Publishing

It starts with a scratch paper.

You are traveling on a train and an idea hits you. Suddenly, you are thinking about the foundations, the final result, the challenges and everything else that comes along with writing a book.

But wait!

You need to organize, you need to plan, and you need to make sure that this isn’t just another idea that won’t see daylight.

This is where self-publishing comes in handy.

If you go down the traditional route, it would take you anywhere from 12 to 60 months to feel inspired by an idea, publish a book and market it. On the other hand, self-publishing packages (such as those offered by Outskirts Press – see below) can help you achieve that in a considerably smaller time-frame, say – 3 months?

Imagine this – when you are on that train journey, you quickly jot down the main points on a scratch paper. Then you come back home and spend some time creating a concrete outline. Soon enough, depending on how fast you can type and how far your imagination goes, you have a draft book.

A few edits followed by marketing planning will set you up for an exciting launch.

So now you have self-published a book, aptly priced and ready to be marketed using various different book networks. You can always follow this up with more targeted marketing.

Now you sit back and enjoy your readers enjoying your book.

See, self-publishing is really simple! As a matter of fact, it is much simpler (and rewarding – you control most of the profits) than traditional publishing.

So, are you ready to self-publish yet?