Self-Publishing Spotlight: Looking for Closure

In Looking for Closure, The Theresa Ferrara Story, Maria Stewart chronicles her decade’s long investigation into the true story of her aunt’s disappearance in 1979.  This real life, true crime thriller offers important new details on a case that captured the city of New York in fear, during the aftermath of the largest heist in New York’s history.  Theresa was believed to be the main informer for the Feds on the mafia’s involvement in the heist and other drug related crimes.  The newspaper headlines for months speculated on Theresa’s involvement and possible death, and provided inspiration for characters in the movies Goodfellas and Ten Million Dollar Getaway.
On the afternoon of February 10, 1979, Theresa Ferrara got off the phone at Apple Hair Cutters on Long Island, NY, and told her niece she’d be back in ten minutes.  She was leaving briefly “to make an easy $10,000.” 

She was never seen again, but three months later a body identified as hers was discovered with no arms, no legs and no head.

Was she killed over her involvement in the Mafia’s legendary Lufthansa heist – the biggest in history?  Was she murdered in connection with the rumors of her being an informant in New York drug deals?  Was her death, ruled by the FBI a homicide, due to other circumstances altogether?

For more than twenty years Theresa Ferrara’s oldest niece, Maria Stewart, carried on a brave, thorough investigation of her beloved aunts disappearance using police and court records, newspaper reports, interviews, and new forensic technology.   Over the years she probed every tidbit of information she could unearth, from mysterious phone calls suggesting that her aunt was still alive to a psychic’s intriguing statements.

As with some truths that are even stranger than fiction, Maria Stewart reveals in Looking for Closure the long suppressed secrets of corruption and lies that she uncovered and that are even more shocking than what she first imagined possible.

The incredible facts that Maria Stewart discovers about the life of her aunt – a life she thought she knew – accentuate the flaws in the original inquiry into Theresa Ferrara’s disappearance and death and suggest the urgent need for a renewed investigation.

 About the Author: Maria Stewart is the oldest niece of Theresa Ferrara. At age 40, after examining every piece of her aunt’s case, she uncovered major discrepancies in the investigation, prompting a new look at what actually happened to her aunt. Stewart has three children and lives on Long Island, New York.

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