Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Lloyd Green

Outskirts Press is proud of the hundreds of authors who’ve published thousands of high-quality books with the help of our talented publishing experts. Over the years, these self-published authors have racked up a number of accomplishments, awards, author benchmarks and kudos that serve as a testament to the quality of theirLloyd Green work. So, in recognition of their talent, we like to showcase a different author in our regular Self-Publishing Author Spotlight.

This time around, we’re giving a nod to author Lloyd Green, who has published two paranormal/fantasy novels through Outskirts Press, The Dream Dilemma and The Green Legacy. We expect even more great things in the future from this accomplished fiction author.


Author Lloyd Green was born and grew up in Manhattan, New York, in an area some might know as Harlem. He has a degree in psychology but will always feels the imagination is the greatest tool of the mind.

The Dream Dilemma by Lloyd GreenThe Dream Dilemma: Reflections of EL
Find your way through a dream and fulfill all your needs …

She turned and found him approaching her. It was apparent for whatever reason, that Dyllon could not see Deidre. He seemed focused on a point which was past her. As he moved quickly in the direction of Miss Cute Smile, there was an alarming look of eagerness on his face. As Dyllon brushed past Deidre, she could not help but shudder. She felt the wave of an intense need coming from Dyllon. Deidre could only describe the feeling as a kind of sexual heat. There was no mistaking the fact that this need was driving him towards the other woman. As he moved closer to where Miss Cute Smile stood, Deidre could not believe what she was witnessing.

The Green LegacyThe Green Legacy by Lloyd Green
In life’s endless Barter, there are debts to be paid …

As Judy lay there regaining her strength, pieces of recent events were slowly beginning to make sense. Judy had been passing a doorway at the side of a building when someone grabbed her from behind. The assailant had covered her mouth hard with his gloved hand. She attempted to scream but the obstruction made it difficult for her to breathe, much less let out a cry. She remembered the seemingly joyful noises and the screaming of others around her. The muscles in her arms ached under the resisting pressure, but she was determined to see the face of the man who dared to lay his hands on her. As they scuffled, Judy was able to rip free of his claws and turned herself about …

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Reflections of EL – Book 2

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Find your way through a dream and fulfill all your needs…

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