Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Vada M. Wolter

When publishing your own book, it is important to find the right self publishing company. With so many to choose from, it can often be difficult for authors to make a decision. However, when you find a company that provides you with the trusted assistance you need in publishing and promoting your book, it’s best to stick with them.Vada M. Wolter
Many of our authors publish several books with us. We love to spotlight these authors with whom we’ve forged strong relationships, so that you can get to know why these writers call Outskirts Press their publishing home.
Outskirts Press author Vada M. Wolter has published multiple times with Outskirts Press, both on her own and with former classmate, friend and co-author Joseph A. Zapalac. In addition to being an accomplished author and photographer, Wolter holds an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies and was caregiver for four years. She loves being creative, whether with camera or pen. Wolter resides with her husband in the Houston, Texas, area.

Below are the books Wolter has published with Outskirts Press.


The Caregiver's Story by Vada M. Wolter

The Caregiver’s Story: A Memoir of Struggle and Survival

Does God allow us to go through difficult times so that we may grow?

This story is about a family’s struggle of caring for an aging parent suffering from Dementia.

“My desire is that in the reading of my caregiver’s story you will understand my survival of personal struggles. Perhaps by reading this book you will understand my world, and it will give you encouragement to survive your own.” — Vada M. Wolter


Little Boy Lost by Vada M. Wolter and Joseph A. Zapalac
Little Boy Lost (co-author Joseph A. Zapalac)

Martha Daniels worked hard on the sharecropper’s farm, hating the grueling work and dreaming of leaving. Wanting more from life, she found it after the town’s local hotel hired her—she met Joe. After three short years, she returned to the farm she hated and bickering parents. Her husband’s unforeseen accident on an oil rig changed their lives and that of their infant son, Johnny. Long Road Home’s Little Boy Lost is a story of Johnny Daniels, a painfully-shy, poverty-stricken country boy who is emotionally and verbally abused, and lied to by those he loves the most.


Treasured Memories by Vada M. wolter and Joseph A. Zapalac Treasured Memories (co-author Joseph A. Zapalac)

A treasure of short stories that will last a lifetime, Treasured Memories includes short stories that reflect memories of childhood, the ’50s, love, faith, special men and many memorable moments.


Rockin' Chair Cowboys by Vada M. Wolter and Joseph A. Zapalac
Rockin’ Chair Cowboys and Other Short Stories (co-author Joseph  A. Zapalac)

Just imagine sitting on the porch of a country home listening to someone telling a story as the stars glitter in the sky, fireflies glow and an owl hoots in a nearby tree.

Rockin’ Chair Cowboys brings back some of that flavor and spirit of the past, blending in a few recent stories and some recipes to whet the appetite and fill the tummy.


Ribbons and Roses by Vada M. Wolter and Joseph A. Zapalac
Ribbons and Roses: Poetry, Prose and Potpourri
(co-author Joseph A. Zapalac)

Rekindle the Spirit of Love in Your Heart

Ribbons and Roses is a collection of heartwarming poetry and prose that carry deep emotion and affection that tug at the heart. A sprinkling of God’s Word is scattered throughout, much like the delicate fragrance of potpourri. This heartfelt collection will help readers to revisit time-honored values, to remind them that their lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God, and to encourage them to journal their thoughts and feelings on pages provided as they see God’s plan unfold in their lives.


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