Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Jim May

Over the years, Outskirts Press has has the privilege of working with a number of great authors — encouraging and assisting their progress, guiding their publishing efforts and boosting their marketing efforts. Perhaps that’s why so many have come back to us time and again to publish multiple books!

But at the root of that whole multi-step process is, first and foremost, a talented, determined writer. Without that individual, we wouldn’t exist. So, as often as we can, we like to salute the individuals who drive what we do every day — the authors who produce so much impressive work. This week, it’s Jim May.

Jim has now published four non-fiction books with Outskirts Press: Light in the Fog, Above All Else Get Wisdom, It Is Finished and Silencing Our Imposter. We expect even more great things in the future from this accomplished author.


Jim May is the senior research writer for Rachel’s Challenge, author of seven books, speaker and teacher living in Lakewood, Colorado with his wife Maureen. His books and articles can be reviewed at

Light in the FogLight in the Fog

Three young men invited me to a mountain condo over a weekend to share what I had learned in life. I considered this one of the most important men’s meetings I have taught. It was a small group composed of young men in their early 20s. One was starting graduate school in pharmacy. Another was starting an inner city ministry and headed for seminary. The third young man was a college graduate deciding what to do with his life. I poured over my notes, books and journals reviewing decades of living. Over the past six years, I have expanded the outline from that weekend into the lessons in this book. I hope these writings are a help to you, the reader, on your journey to reality and significance, and in leaving a legacy that will count beyond your lifetime.

Above All Else Get WisdomAbove All Else Get Wisdom

If I were to share with you a resource whose gain is more valuable than the fortune of Bill Gates and yields more profit than Warren Buffet’s stocks, will produce greater holdings than Donald Trump’s and surpasses all the desires of our imagination, would you be interested? If I told you this resource promises a long life, riches, honor, paths of peace, a road to security, protection against immorality, happiness for those who hold it and a lasting legacy for our children, would you be interested? If I told you these guarantees came from an absolutely truthful source who has never lied or deceived anyone, would you be interested? If I told you that this resource is giving lectures every moment, can be heard by anyone anywhere and is affordable for every person who wants it. Would you be interested? What is this resource? WISDOM … if you are interested.

It Is FinishedIt Is Finished

What if the love of God eventually captures every soul and no one will be left in hell? What if the restoration of all things is already a reality, and we can move out of this world of illusions, right now? What if all men are forgiven and just don’t know it, and the only thing left is to see what we already have? What if God has already prepared a place for us and we can know who we are and where we fit? What if Jesus really finished salvation for all and the only thing left is to see it? It Is Finished explores these questions and much more.

Silencing Our ImposterSilencing Our Imposter

Why are we committing slow suicide by believing destructive lies about ourselves? Dashing our dreams, hindering achievement in school, keeping us from success in our careers, making us discontent with life. What if the person we are trying to kill is not really us? What if the person we are trying to kill is already dead? What if these lies are coming from an Imposter created from past hurt and pain? What if it is possible to silence the lies of this Imposter? What if we are able to hear our True Self beyond the noise and find that we are a unique and special person worth saving? Jim May has seen it happen and shares the story with humor and clarity. It is not a long complicated journey, but a simple victory of truth over lies.

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