Author Poll: Writer Patricia Browne wants your help with her cover

Patricia Browne is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And she wants your help deciding her book cover.

Book Summary

It’s staggering what you can be!!

A quote ..”Beauty is the essence of Love.” -Have we got something for you in this Book! !”The information within will peak your interest, for SURE. I have a question for you, Patricia Browne asks. “Do you want to become the BEAUTIFUL individual that you truly are inwardly?” If your answer is a RESOUNDING “Yes”, then as the song goes … “This one’s for You”. You will be cut to the core with her words. My mission in this teaching is to unconfine, to make known to you dear reader, True Knowledge of Higher Life principals. The education you will gain comes from Universal Consciousness…Raising your life from the mundane to a supreme level of joy through experience. It’s called SEDUCTION. Thus, FREEDOM is needed to bring this level …. without dogma or format. Wish for yourself, all that you can have. It takes only the DESIRE for Seduction and Bliss to occur. OLD Rules don’t apply! No longer are we contained by pre-existing patterns! We are all now in a place of surprise and delight ~ A sunrise! Those that give up their shackles are in a conscious space of Allowance … Allowance of a new seduction. And this SEDUCTION herein defined, is your Master Plan. We are a blossoming society of Individualized Universal consciousness! … Come on into the message, and live a new life. It’s yours. “Are you ready to go for it?”, Patricia asks. PLEASE find out! Get in on this aware energetic level of creating what you want!

About the Author

Patricia’s Areas of Expertise:
20 years study “The UNSEEN Principals of Existence through Alchemy” – SEDUCTION. 8 years training with a High Descendent Student of “Jack Schwarz (1924-2000) Internationally sought as Philosopher/Psychic Consultant”.
6 years study at RAMTHA’s Original School of Consciousness and Energy, Study of True Essence – Secret Manifestational Knowledge. 6 years Eastern Philosophical Study with Ms. Joy Gilbert, facilitator of seminars globally teaching “The Open Heart”.

Please take a look at two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend for Patricia.

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