Resolutions for 2015 That Every Published Author Should Make

Hopefully you haven’t given up on your New Year resolutions already! During this month of resolving to do certain things you haven’t gotten to, or have been wanting to get to, we’ll get you started with resolutions tailored to the published author.

  1. Make a video. A Book Video Trailer belongs on every author’s list of resolutions. It’s an instant and visually stunning way to let readers and booksellers know what your book is all about and why they should buy it.
  2. Sign away. Resolve to set up book signings at your local bookstores. Independent stores are your best bet, but reach out to specific locations of the big chains as well. Even if your title is not on their shelves, they may let you sign and discuss your book to draw in customers.
  3. Explore other formats. Paperback isn’t the only way to go. If you’re only offering your book as a paperback, look into the advantages of releasing your title in other formats.
  4. Go digital. Take your title to the e-book market. This is practically a must. E-books make up about 20% of the book buying market. Resolve to get a piece of that profitable pie.
  5. Refresh yourself. Plan to update and refresh your Amazon listing periodically throughout the year. This keeps search engines interested as they scan your new content, and it could get you bumped up in the search engine listings.
  6. Talk it up. Resolve to get your voice and/or your face out there with radio, TV and newspaper interviews. Shoot for once a month or once a quarter – whatever you’re comfortable with.
  7. Retool. When sales stagnate, play around with pricing, marketing strategy, even the book itself if necessary. Sometimes a little tweak like a discount or a re-release with bonus material can make a world of difference.
  8. Promote yourself. Yes, we know you’re already marketing, but how are you presenting yourself in day-to-day interactions? Resolve to position yourself frequently as an author – it’s part of your identity!
  9. Get endorsements. Take advantage of valuable celebrity endorsements to lend additional legitimacy to your book. Not only is it effective, but it’s cost-effective.
  10. Go on tour. You can personally visit book fairs around your region – or even around the world – or you can send an Outskirts Press representative out to promote your book on your behalf. It’s affordable and effective.
  11. Go Hollywood. Want to take your book marketing to a new level in 2015? Outskirts Press has relationships with Hollywood insiders that can help you get your book to the silver screen. Look into it.
  12. Book it. Set up a schedule for contacting local and regional bookstores about carrying your book. Be sure to stock up on author copies so you’ll always have one on hand to provide to interested book sellers.
  13. Get reviewed. Submit your book to book review sites. Resolve to submit once a month or bi-monthly, or whatever schedule you can manage.
  14. Share your work. Your social media author platform is the perfect way to tease your book. Offer excerpts to get social media friends interested.
  15. Be comfortable in your own skin. Make peace with your identity as a writer and published author. Your quirks are more charming to others than you realize.
  16. Get more shut-eye. Yeah, it’s that simple. And get more exercise too. Taking care of your health has a way of bringing you confidence and making you sharper – both traits that will help you achieve your goals and keep your resolutions.
  17. Relax! Build in time for decompression. You’ve earned it!

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