Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Rachel August

When publishing your own book, it is important to find the right self publishing company. With so many to choose from, it can often be difficult for authors to make a decision. However, when you find a company that provides you with the assistance you are looking for in publishing/promoting your book, it’s best to stick with them.
Many of our authors publish several books with us, and we like to schedule these spotlights so that you can get to know so these writers that call Outskirts Press their publishing home.
Outskirts Press author, Rachel August, is the author of two children’s books. She is a mother and remembers how fascinating the child’s mind is and wanted to share those memories through Children’s Books, just like the one’s she read to her children. She is a New Orleans native and now resides in Washington State. Rachel grew up as a military dependent and is now a Military wife.

Below are the two books she has published with Outskirts Press.


Adventures of Libby Nickel: What’s your Mommy’s First Name?

Libby What’s Your Mother’s First Name? My Mommy’s first name is Mommy.

Libby Learns That Her Mommy’s Name Is Not Just Mommy. Come On The Journey With Libby As She discovers her Mommy’s first name.


Journey of My Untied Shoes

AMBER-GRACE’s shoes are missing!


AMBER-GRACE’s Shoes Are Missing! Can you help AMBER-GRACE find them? Join AMBER-GRACE and her playful puppy TRAMP on their adventure to piece together the mystery. Will they find her shoes, or will AMBER-GRACE discover something even more important?





So why does Rachel keep coming back to Outskirts Press? We’ll let her tell you in her own words…

“Outskirts press made publishing as easy as 1-2-3.  Every step of the way there was a representative or consultant that expertly guided me through each stage of the publishing process.  The most fascinating part was watching the process.  It was like being in a cookie factory where one can see the first stage with the mixing of ingredients all the way to the final packaging of this perfectly made delicacy.  Exciting is imagining various scenes of my book and conveying that to the illustrator’s and magically there’s my most vivid imagination come to life through my book.  I purchased the Pearl package and to see my full-color illustration and hold it was the most wondrous thing.  To see this imagined character come to life in full-color and be more beautiful than expected is pretty amazing.  My experience with Outskirts was so amazing that I am working on my third Pearl book with them.”

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