Act Now for 25% Off iPad/iPhone Premium Edition

Millions of iPads have been sold, and iPhone revenues account for more than half of all smart phone revenue in the United States. Is your book a part of this burgeoning market? It can be! Now through Saturday, you can enjoy enhanced, independent distribution of your own iPad/iPhone electronic edition of your book through Apple’s iBooks bookstore.

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iPad/iPhone Premium Edition with Private Label iBooks DistributionTechnology is changing the publishing industry. Now instead of curling up with a new paperback, many readers are curling up with their electronic devices — from eReaders to computers and of course, the Apple iPad & iPhone. That means there are more people who are ready, willing and able to read your book! But, only if it is made available to them.

The Premium Edition iPad/iPhone ebook with Private Label iBooks distribution is the simplest, most convenient one-click solution for publishing your book as an iPad/iPhone ebook with full distribution on Apple’s exclusive iBooks bookstore in your name!  

  • You receive greater exposure for your book. The more outlets in which your book is available for sale, the greater the chances your book will be discovered by potential readers.
  • You have full control over retail price. You determine how much your book sells for on iBookstore.
  • You become the Publisher. You receive your own Private Label imprint and Bowker-Approved ISBN — unique to your iPad/iPhone ebook edition, registered with Bowker in your name. We do everything for you behind the scenes and you collect all the glory and all the money. Your Apple ebook edition exists completely independently of other versions of your book.
  • You receive royalties directly from Apple. Apple issues your royalty payments directly to you with no middle man.
  • You receive the final EPUB converted file. It’s yours to keep, so you can pursue other distribution channels independently if you want.

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