Patricia A. Hawkenson wins a free Apple iPad 2

It was neck and neck most of the day yesterday, but when all was said and done, Patricia A. Hawkenson, author of Magnetic Repulsion: 100 Poems From Desire to Disgust, was named our big winner (and our Valentine for 2012) for her technically impressive, charming, and humorous video submission below:

Patricia wins a 32 GB Wi-Fi enabled Apple iPad 2 for being the finalist receiving the most public votes for her video in our Valentine’s “Show Me the Love” promotion. Congratulations, Patricia!

Patricia A. Hawkenson is a poet, a stained-glass kaleidoscope artist, and an educator, who also posts additional poetry on her blog Expressive Domain. She lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Magnetic Repulsion: 100 Poems From Desire to Disgust is a truly original collection of poetry about being In love, and out of it.

Click on the cover to order for a 10% discount

They say true love is eternal. But as so many lovers discover, it often ends with a trip to the lawyer’s office. Magnetic Repulsion collects 100 poems that explore the core of the entire romantic experience—from wonderful first blush, to tentative uncertainty, to the need for healing when it all fades.

The result is a compelling and necessary companion for anyone who has ever fallen in and out of love. Poet Patricia A. Hawkenson’s gift for evoking the complex, sensual essence of human relationships is on full display here.

Magnetic Repulsion: 100 Poems From Desire to Disgust is nothing less than a study guide for separating relationships.

Rev. Judy Neal, author of Another Woman at the Well, who submitted video # 6 (below) came in a close second, and will receive a surprise runner-up prize, a free iPad edition of her book. Congratulations, Judy!


Outskirts Press Christmas Drawing Offers Free Kindle, Nook and iPad Prizes

We are celebrating our writers and Facebook fans with our 25 Days of Christmas contest. 

The twelve days of Christmas expand this year to twenty-five in Outskirts Press’ 25 Days of Christmas contest that awards a Kindle, a Nook or an iPad2 in a drawing from the publisher’s Facebook fans who “Like” them from December 1st to the 25th.

The more fans that “Like” Outskirts Press’ Facebook page at, the better the self-publisher’s giveaway will be.

  • If there are 5,000 fans or less by Christmas day, Outskirts Press will have one random drawing from among all its fans to see who wins a free Amazon Kindle.
  • If there are between 5,001 and 10,000 fans, there will be two random drawings; one for a free Amazon Kindle and one for a free Barnes & Noble Nook.
  • If over 10,000 fans have “Liked” Outskirts Press, there will be three random drawings: one for a free Amazon Kindle; one for a free Barnes & Noble Nook; and one for a free iPad2.



“Tis better to give than to receive,” said Outskirts Press Vice President Kelly Schuknecht.  “This is a way of saying Happy Holidays to our authors and fans from all of us here at Outskirts Press.”

Any of the three e-readers that are available to be drawn on Christmas Day will make a perfect gift for a lover of the written word.

The new Amazon Kindle is a lighter, smaller and faster version of its renowned earlier models.  It weighs only six ounces, and while it has the same six inch screen, its body is eighteen percent smaller and fits easily into a pocket.  It has a built in Wi-Fi®, has a high contrast E Ink® display that allows reading for extended periods without eyestrain, and its battery holds a charge for up to one month.

The new Barnes & Noble Nook allows readers to touch, open a book, make the type bigger, look up words, organize one’s library, lend a book or shop for new titles.  It has a breakthrough E Ink® display with a Best-Text™ function that reads just like a paper, even in the bright sun.  More than two and a half million books are available instantly with the built in Wi-Fi® and, as with the Amazon Kindle, one can borrow books from one’s public library, as well.

The Apple iPad2 is the crème de la crème of Outskirts Press 25 Days of Christmas e-reader gifts this year.  It is only a third of an inch deep, weighs as little as one and a third pounds and allows users to surf the web, check e-mail, watch movies and take pictures.  There are, in fact, two cameras on the device: one on the front that shows the user’s face as he or she talks via the device, another on the back that can be used to pass on a look at one’s surroundings as one talks.

And, yes, the iPad2 can also be used to download and read books, periodicals and other texts — just like the Kindle and the Nook.

Authors are being encouraged to click the “Like” button themselves for the Outskirts Press Facebook page and then to tell all their writer friends to do the same in order to increase their chances of winning.

The drawing(s) will take place and the winner(s) will be notified on Christmas Day, December 25th.

Go ahead. Like us.