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THE KING OF NO: A Financial Firefighter

by Loyall Wilson

(5 Stars – 3 Customer Review)

Price: $14.95

Loyall Wilson’s “THE KING OF NO: A Financial Firefighter.” Many have heard of Bernie Madoff as he most notably stole 50 billion dollars from various clients. What is rarely talked about are the thousands of smaller stories, which happen every day. Come with me as I show you what can happen on the other side of trust. This memoir will take you behind the scenes with me as Chief Compliance Officer of a large investment firm, with the arduous task of detection, prevention and putting out financial fires. I expose how a beautiful smile and a great personality can be used as instruments of deception. You will learn how to spot “red flags” even when you don’t think anything is wrong. You will learn how I placed dozens of people in prison for stealing millions of dollars from clients and how I fought the company, advisors, and clients, in my efforts to protect them.


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