Outskirts Press Presents Katherine Zartman, author of Cost of Freedom

Author Katherine Zartman is taking her latest book Cost of Freedom on tour — a Virtual Book Tour, that is, with Outskirts Press!  Technology has created a wide variety of ways to reach audiences all over the world. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box, and nowadays you can market a self-published book in a variety of affordable and impactful ways. Virtual book tours, for example, are a great way to connect with readers from all corners of the globe, all from the comfort of your own home. Join Katherine Zartman and Cost of Freedom as they appear in features and interviews (such as the one below) in the weeks and months ahead!

Luckily for us, Katherine was kind enough to answer a few questions as the tour was getting started so that we can give you a sneak peek into the mind of the creator of Cost of Freedom.

OP: Tell us a little bit about Cost of Freedom. What is it about?

Katherine: Cost of Freedom is a love story between a maimed veteran and the experienced, sensitive nurse he falls for.

OP: Why did you decide to write this story?

Katherine: I wrote this book out of a passion for veterans. I am a veteran myself, as was my older brother and our father, who was a World War II colonel. I’ve seen firsthand the suffering war demands of its combatants and perhaps my words will help readers understand the pain.

OP: What types of readers would be interested in this story?

Katherine: Seniors, veterans, caregivers and all that feel the passion to help others.

OP: What is special about your book?  

Katherine: The ability to reveal intimate details that only youth, not seniors, expect from a novel of this kind.

OP: What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

Katherine: The intuitive reach this unusual couple experience navigating the challenges presented to each.

OP: Have you published any other books? Do you plan to publish more?

Katherine: My first book, Lavender Moon, was published in March 2020. I currently have three other books in progress, including the sequel to Cost of Freedom (Cost of Freedom: Book Two), along with two psychological thrillers, The Alpha and The Hybrid, both due in summer of 2020.

OP: How can someone learn more about your book or purchase it?

Katherine: My book can be found on Amazon.com, as well as other retailers like Barnes and Noble; there is also a Kindle version, as well.

OP: Thanks for your time, Katherine! We look forward to learning more about you as you visit other bloggers!


Daughter of a WWII colonel, a Vietnam era veteran, mother of three, grandmother of six and great grandmother of one. As an author I always want my words to convey to the reader the same raw emotions, frailties, love and tears my characters possess.

For more information or to contact the author, visit https://www.outskirtspress.com/costoffreedom

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