Free Enhanced Interior Book Formatting Available Now

Regardless of where you plan to publish your book, it’s best to be knowledgeable about your choices. When it comes to the design and formatting of a book’s interior, authors often fall into one of three camps:

#1 – The author does not have specific design or formatting ideas or requirements, and would rather rely upon the publisher’s expertise in formatting the book according to industry best practices based upon the manuscript’s genre. Authors in this camp are best served by the Standard Interior Formatting option at Outskirts Press, which is included with every publishing package we offer.


#2 – The author has very specific formatting requirements that often differ by chapter and/or even by the page in some instances. The formatting is so specific and personal that the author requires one-on-one, page-by-page participation with the designer. Authors in this camp are best served by the Custom Interior Formatting option at Outskirts Press, which is an optional, top-tier level of formatting that is billed on a per-page basis.


#3 – And then there are the authors who fall somewhere in between. Perhaps they have a general idea of the font they want to use, or the treatment of the headers or footers or chapter pages, etc. Perhaps they want their final book formatted so it matches their originally-submitted manuscript, but within a high-quality, professional-standard design program like inDesign rather than Word. Or maybe they just want to make sure their book’s interior is unlike any other book out there.

Authors in this camp are best served by the Enhanced Interior Style with Author Input option at Outskirts Press, which is FREE thru March 15th.

That’s right! Thru March 15th, every author can get an Enhanced Interior absolutely
with their Diamond or full-color Pearl publishing service. See below for details.

“What an impressive start for the design of the book! I love the choice of font, the graphic elements that resemble a brushstroke used as spacers, and the design for the Part I section as well as the Interview section headings. All perfect!”Barbara Lehman Smith

The Enhanced Interior Style solicits design requirements from the author in advance of book formatting. This allows the author to specify formatting elements like font style, font size, line spacing, margins, hyphenation, title pages, chapter pages, and other formatting elements of this nature. The author may even choose to supply their own licensed font for their book.

It’s like getting a completely customized interior for your book, absolutely free!

But only for a limited time and only with your purchase right now of the Diamond or Full-Color Pearl publishing Services. Start publishing today, and have a beautiful interior to show for it.

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Cover Design for Self Published Books Pt 5

All week we have been shining the spotlight on some great Outskirts Press covers. Here is part 5 of the 5-part series.

Nothing More by Walter Harris Rooks, Jr.
Nothing More by Walter Harris Rooks, Jr.
Fly Me to the Moon by H. E. Logue, M.D.
Fly Me to the Moon by H. E. Logue, M.D.
2012 - Year of the Apocalypse by Edward Arnold
2012 - Year of the Apocalypse by Edward Arnold
Does the cover of your book do the inside justice? Make sure it does. The value of an artistic, professional custom cover speaks for itself.
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Custom Cover Design Part 3

Yes, we continue our week-long celebration recognizing some of the truly extraordinary covers on the high-quality books published by Outskirts Press, presented in no particular order below. And if you think your cover has what it takes, submit it to the Random Book Machine to see how it stacks up with others.

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Neptunes Chariot by Irv Sternberg
Neptune's Chariot by Irv Sternberg
The Garden Club by Rosa LaRosa
The Garden Club by Rosa LaRosa
Murder Murder Murder by John Daly
Murder Murder Murder by John Daly


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