Finalist #2 for the 2012 Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year

Congratulations to Whitney LeBlanc, author of Blues In the Wind-ReVisited, one of three finalists for the Outskirts Press 2012 Best Book of the Year Award.

The first finalist was announced yesterday in this post and the last finalist will be introduced tomorrow on this blog. Public voting will determine which of the three finalists should be awarded the Outskirts Press 2012 Best Book of the Year Award and its $1,500 Grand Prize. Voting is open to everyone and begins on this blog on Friday, May 31.

Louisiana native Whitney J. LeBlanc has been a teacher, writer, producer, set designer and award winning theatre director. He holds a Master’s Degree in Theatre Arts Production from the University of Iowa. He has spent more than half of his fifty-year professional career in Hollywood as a television director of “Sitcoms”, and daytime dramas like, “The Young and the Restless” and “Generations.” LeBlanc has four children and now lives in the Napa Valley with his physician wife. He writes novels and creates stained glass windows for churches.


Whitney J. LeBlanc has written the saga of a Creole family from Estilette Louisiana, against the backdrop of the birth of the blues. In the 1930’s Phillip Fergerson’s marriage to Martha, the beautiful Creole woman of his dreams turns into nightmares. Instead of becoming the doctor he promised to be, he becomes a high school teacher, and events of murder, lynching, voodoo and sexual abuse by a priest, set in motion the disintegration of the family. Martha’s brother, Lightfoot, performs blues music in the juke-joints as he witnesses the beginning of the blues as an art form. We follow the early blues legends from Robert Johnson, to Bessie Smith to Leadbelly to Lightinn’ Hopkins and BB King as they sing their way through the Delta. Martha, a proud and devoted Catholic, looks on in horror as one by one of her family falls under the influence of the devil’s gut-bucket music. With his marriage falling apart, Phillip finds himself in the arms of a woman from his past. Each of the four children go their separate ways and Martha blames it all of the influence of the sinful music. She takes her revenge. It is a story filled with love, lust, murder, voodoo and adventure.

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Every year, Outskirts Press recognizes the best book they publish with their annual Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year award, which must not only win an EVVY Award from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association but must also be recognized as the best book among three finalists.

As one of three finalists, Whitney LeBlanc and his book Blues In the Wind-ReVisited will be competing head-to-head-to-head with the other two finalists in a public poll on this blog starting on Friday. Whitney has already demonstrated he has the writing chops to win this prestigious award, as evidenced by his EVVY Award win. Does he have the marketing prowess to make it as the Best Book of the Year author in this digital age? Stay tuned for information on the remaining finalist, being announced tomorrow, and then come back on Friday to vote for the book you believe to be the best among the three.

The author of the winner will receive a $1,500 credit to his or her Publishing Center, courtesy of Outskirts Press, and an exclusive 2012 Best Book of the Year award seal to apply to the cover of the book.

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