Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Gary Turcotte

Gary Turcotte enjoys writing novels with a touch of humor in an otherwise serious situation.  Turcotte grew up in Dover, New Hampshire, and has earned his living as a General Contractor. 

I was inspired as a sophomore in High School by my English teacher, Mrs. Caroline O’Limire. She would assign the class a task of writing either short stories or poems. I had an active imagination. I thought everyone had the same. She would read my stories to not just my class, but to all the classes. When I graduated I remember that she wished me well and said she couldn’t wait to read my books when I would get published. I shrugged her compliments off thinking that possibly she says the same to nearly each student. Since then I carried my books in my mind, never getting them on paper. I was busy with a family and a construction business. Finally my daughter got her license and I had some free time to write five manuscripts over the past seven years. 

To date he has published eight books with Outskirts Press, including those featured below. 


Vigilante Witch Hunter
by Gary Turcotte 

Melissa married the man of her dreams. She didn’t know that he was a fortune teller. His secret life brought many dark hearted people into Melissa’s future. She wondered if her soul mate had sold his soul to the devil. Sometimes a buried treasure is best left alone. 


Carbon Copy
by Gary Turcotte 

A top secret agent comes off the assignment of his lifetime. He is having his face reconstructed for his next mission. Without his consent, he is forced to extract all high tech secrets hidden in the mind of a captured prisoner. Through technology the prisoner mind is directly wired into Derek’s mind. The prisoner is from the Roswell crash. Derek’s mind is instantly filled with everything the alien knows. Derek decides to run, and publish his secrets. 


Monster Heart
by Gary Turcotte 

A High School football star turns to drugs to enhance his game. He experiments with steroids and other mind altering drugs. He loses his High School sweetheart, to drugs and alcohol. Francis mixes any drugs that he can get his hands on; risking his mental and physical health. He becomes delusional and can’t distinguish what is real or part of his drug induced illusions. He’s involved in heinous crimes that he has trouble remembering. Pimples,cyst, cuts, and dark circles under his eyes, make him look like the monster that the drugs have created. The terrible reality is that this story is happening to todays youth. The Monster lurks nearby. Don’t let it get your children! 


Other books by Gary Turcotte: 

Children of the Fortune Teller
Memoirs of a Fortune Teller
#2 Silver Street
Silver Street
Silver Street: The Detour


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  1. Wow….8 books. That is something else and very impressive. Good for you. I to know the hours and work that’s needed just to complete one book. Now, I am on my sequel. Many more hours until I’m finished. 🙂 Keep up the good work… Craig Furniss

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