Bestseller Spotlight: A Glimpse into the Inner Workings of My God by:Michael L. Watson

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Here is one of this month’s bestselling authors:

A Glimpse into the Inner Workings of My God by Michael L. Watson

What Organized Religions Don’t Know About Your God

Like no other book in history A Glimpse Into the Inner Workings of My God is a 21st century book on personalizing your relationship with your God and discovering “inner peace” in a world at war with itself! Each day’s new discoveries collide with humanity’s struggle to find its moral conscience.

Natural disasters with tragic consequences are adding insult to injury as powerful drug resistant diseases serve as constant reminders of just how fragile creatures God intended us to be. With so much cruelty, hatefulness, insanely driven violence, and greed in the world, today’s true believers in God are discovering that organized religions are ill-equipped to serve humanity’s insatiable need to better understand the “whys” of God’s nature.

Believers and non-believers in God want to know why endless struggles create more pain and suffering than transitory joy? Did God create evolution or did evolution create God? Are there reasons other than blind faith to believe in an afterlife? Throughout the book, I expose my human frailties, that when combined with spiritual materialistic virtues of reason, intuitive knowledge, and humility, will help point the way for better understanding God’s purpose for you in this life.

With chapters such as “God’s SOUL: Source Of Ultimate Love” and “CHANGE: Century that Humankind Acknowledges that Nature is God’s path to Eternity,” your soul will come alive with a “reality-based” euphoria as your spiritual journey leads you to a one-of-a-kind personal relationship with your God! By the end of the book, your perception of organized religion’s impact upon your relationship with God will forever be changed.


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“We received our initial free copies today.  It is awesome.  Also they have already shipped the 100 paperbacks, We are so excited. Thank you for your professional and genuine concern for making this book a success!”

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