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The Pearl of East Texas

by William D. Albright

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William D. Albright’s “The Pearl of East Texas.” Have you met a real Hero? Whether showing bravery when others thought all was lost or the rise of an individual to stand up against the denial of his or her constitutional rights that changed a nation. Such was the case of Mattie Pearl Albright. This book tells her remarkable and extraordinary story of love, charity, compassion, and leadership. Born in the early 20th century, Mattie grew up in the Jim Crow era in Shreveport, Louisiana, and eventually moved with her husband William to East Texas. In each location, she was a standout, whether at her segregated high school in Shreveport, starting and managing one of the few credit unions established for blacks in Los Angeles, or being an avid volunteer, serving on the city council and founding two chambers of commerce in East Texas. She achieved all of this while raising and nurturing a family.

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