Author Spotlight : Donald K. Stewart

Donald K. Stewart has published eleven books with Outskirts Press since 2010, including his most recent, A Time For W.A.R., which emphasizes the myths and misconceptions that surround demonic activities. Donald lives by the motto: “Respect for All, Fear for None,” and motivated by God’s love, he has a mission to; “Evangelize, Deliver and Educate God’s People, Towards Personal and National Transformation.”

As a pastor at Portmore Lane Covenant Community Church (Jamaica), Donald is actively involved in the deliverance ministry since 1986. He has also served as Coordinator of the Special Ministries (Deliverance) Tents at both the Reinhard Bonnke and Benny Hinn (Jamaica) National Crusades during the 1990’s. Donald established the W.A.R. Team over 15 years ago to develop younger Christians in the area of Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance, and to engage in practical ministry sessions, teaching seminars and training workshops.

He has conducted Spiritual Warfare seminars across Jamaica, as well as in Cayman, Aruba, Tanzania (Africa), New York and Miami.

Donald’s books are provocative in nature, and the abundance of his personal and professional efforts in order to evangelize, deliver and educate God’s people can be easily seen in his work.

At Outskirts Press, our authors are what make us special, and Donald K. Stewart is a perfect example of that.  Donald, we’re amazed with everything you do. Keep it up!

This is what Donald had to say about Outskirts Press “As far as I am concerned Bridget and Outskirts Press will always be a winning combination. I enjoy publishing with Outskirts Press, 11 books so far, and many more to come.”

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