Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week: “Access: Going Places” by Paul Ward

David Smith was raised in an orphanage from the time he was a baby until his late teens. Now, as an adult, he decided to have his d.n.a. checked in order to gain some knowledge of his background. He was not expecting the results that showed up while he was on vacation. It was during his vacation that he accidentally found out he may have the ability to access places ordinary people do not have knowledge of. Upon his return from vacation he learns that someone is, to the point of violence, very interested in him. His friends have discovered who it is that is after him, but not why. When Dave tells his friends about his escapades while on vacation they want to test his abilities for themselves. His friends then talk him into giving them a demonstration, which Dave did not find to be a positive experience. As the negative experiences pile up his friends gather and stand with him, becoming the family he had always hoped for.

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